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Twelfth Night, 20 January, 2001. [More photos on Edward's pages]
Tourney: Geoffrey, Bastian, Richard?, Vitale, Michael (background), Sigurd Callum and Chrettienne Iarnulf investigates cheeses Feasters: Alexander, Michelet, Stefan (obscured), ? (obscured), Adele, Bastian? (background), Rebecca, Arnfridr (obscured), Iarnulf, Martuccio (foreground), Vincent, Del, Clarice (foreground), ?, Sinech? (in red) The soteltie (arms are Sigurd's and Eleanora's)
St Jude's Fair, 10-12 November, 2000. [More photos on Edward's pages]
Friday evening conversation: Thorkell, Aliena, Tim, Iarnulf and my toes Clearing the listfield: Richard, Callum, Valerian, Tycho, Vitale, Geoffrey, Ilar, Chrettienne Black Company sunshade: Becs, Catherine, Adele (foreground), Alexander (obscured), Phoebe (obscured), Emma, Steffan, Xavier (foreground), Therese, Thorkell Village football: Daniel, Vitale, Ulfric, Ilar, Valerian Iarnulf gets a gong: Chrettienne, Sigurd, Therese, Eleonora, Tycho, Iarnulf and his Argent Arrow
Ball, September 2, 2000. [More photos on Edward's pages]
Charlene and Kassandra Alys and Ulf Iuliana Myfawnwy, Genevieve, Lesley, Vanessa, Marie, Francesca, Angharad, Charlene Maeve and Sigurd
College Anniversary, 29 July 2000. [More photos on Edward's pages]
Lunch break in the hall: Foreground circle, clockwise from left: Einar, Geoffrey, Myfawnwy, Niamh, Brent, Aliena, Iuliana's father. Background: Ilar, Heloise, Eleonora, Alexandra, Gwyhnevar Einar won the Celtic games Michael gets his AoA My table: Theodora (dodging), Cat, Charlene, Ayeshah, Niamh Cooks and servers. From the front: Bethany, Aliena, Emma, Rowena, Einar, Michael, Andre, Martuccio, Alexander
Reannag Fhara First Feast, 27 May, 2000. [More photos on Edward's pages]
Hydes senior and junior: Dickon, Bartholomew, Perry Ilar, Vitale (background), Teresa of Darchester, Richard, Ethelind (foreground), Heloise Rowena's Laurel scroll at last: Eleanora, Callum, Rowena, Ulfric The formal proposal. Background: Tycho, Richard, Sigurd, Therese, Eleanora, ?Chretienne? (obscured). Foreground: Rowena and Martuccio Happy feasters
Grand Easter Tourney, 21-25 April, 2000. [More photos on Edward's pages]
At the helm crest display, Master Del explains to the ladies how the judging of the Grand Tourney will work At the Clan Bruce fire: Iarnulf, Nicola, Alexander, Kassandra, ?Geoffrey? (hands only) Fighting: Callum, Sigurd, Geoffrey (marshal), Eleanora, Vitale Erotic Welsh poetry, read by Ilar: Maeve, Sigurd, Vitale, Ilar (foreground), ? (obscured), Callum Rufty Tufty: Myfawnwy and Valerian, et al
Southron Gaard Anniversary, 25 March 2000
People chatting: Callum, Nicola, Andrew, Myfawnwy, Heloise, Miles, Peter Iarnulf starts a fire with flint and steel Tourney: Ulfric, Eleanora, ?Vitale?, Sigurd Twilight court: Cristia, Tycho, Sigurd, Madelein, Eleanora, Chretienne, Callum. Heads in foreground not positively identified... Feast table: Nicola and Myfawnwy
Millennium Event, 31 Dec 1999-3 Jan 2000
Arms of all kingdoms, Jan 1 2000 Playing tarock. Nina(?), Roseinn, Francesca, Chris. Dancers: Eleonora, Teresa, Richard, Del, Francesca, Vincent Eleonora, Sigurd, Talorc, Miriam Callum and Turkish delight in the Mangy Mongol
Vitale shoots in front of Ivan and Anastasiia, November 1998 Vitale and Tycho Twelfth Night feast 1998 Twelfth Night tourney 1998 Ulf and Bastian, Beltane 1997
Holmes Show films Tycho and Vitale, RF First Feast '99 Royal feast 98. Richenda front left. Royal feast 98. Rowena presents a dragon to HM Ivan Royal visit 98. Tourney. L to R: Eleonora, Madelein, Lughaid, Ivan, ?, Anastasiia, Sigurd, ?, Adele? (red hair), Iuliana? (blue cap), ? (dark hair) John's second visit. L to R: Cristia, John, Caeinwen, Cara, Gavin
Sigurd and Eleonora's first court Wrestling at Canterbury Fair ?1997? The Ball, 1999. Seated from L: Michelle?, Eponene, Becks, Leslie (WMG), Brenda (WMG). Standing: MaryBeth

Canterbury Fair

Canterbury Fair, 1-6 February, 2001. [More photos on Edward's pages]
The good ship Not Yet Named: Berengar?, Magnus, Miles, Duncan, Inigo, Agro Crowd in the Mong. Front tent; Fen, Angel?, Thorkel, Gryphon, Bastian, Hiordis?, Stefano, Einar, Niamh?, ?Eleyne?, Miles, Geoffrey. Back Tent: Lesley, Michelet, Therese, Daniel?, ?Steven?, Becs, ?, ?Monie?, Feran?, Clarice, Cassandra, Dennis Ship to shore battle. Black Company, Amberhearth and the King are on the left Wedding procession: Edward, Erica, Dickon, Rowena, Adele, Peregrin, Teresa, Therese, Eleanora, Ayeshah, Cassandra, Hiordis, Iuliana, Tycho, Vitale, Magnus Callum and Chretienne are invested by King Ivan
Canterbury Fair, 3-7 Feb 2000. [More photos on Edward's pages]
Gamers and merchants at the market. Clockwise from front left: Del, Beatrice, Ayeshah, ?, ?, ?, ? Nocturnal singers in the Mong. ?, Alys, Rosalind, Iuliana, Isobel, Morella, Isolde Iarnulfr's smithy Bridge battle: Rosalind, Inigo, Natal'ya, me, a couple of people too obscured to identify, Iuliana? marshalling, Sigurd on his knees, unidentifiable Wihagen fighters, Eleonora, and Ulfric kneeling. The disorder of the bath? Khalid, Llewelyn, Jarnulf, bastian, Inigo, Manfred? (obscured), Feran, Duncan, Ulf, Magnus, Teresa?, Ava
Canterbury Fair, 4-8 Feb 1999
The fighters, 1999 Staff of the Mangy Mongol, 1999: Adele, Rowene, Khalid (kneeling), Alvarro, Callum, Feran (kneeling), Chretienne, Kassandra Under the marquee, 1999 The T-shirt, 1999 View from the hall, 1999

Arts and Sciences

Lughaid's bone carvings for sale at Canterbury Fair, 1998 Jarnulfr's runestone at Canterbury Fair, 1998 Llewelyn making pattens from scratch with hand tools. Canterbury Fair 2000. Soteltie from royal feast 1998 by Rowena and Ceina. Confectionery. Soteltie from royal feast 1998 by Rowena and Ceina. Bread and cheese. Mast not yet in place; sail was also bread.
Soteltie from royal feast 1998 by Rowena and Ceina. Cake and sugar paste.


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