Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!
Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!
Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!

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The 200 initial comments below are by signatories to the Fiat Lux Declaration from the Kingdom of Lochac or elsewhere. You can find more comments here.

"Avacal is also feeling the sting of the move away from light archery. I have played in places with light archers and in places with full combat archers armed with golf tube arrows. There's no real way to describe how much better a battle is with light archers. I fight in the shield wall, and I take pride in my role of protecting our spears and archers. As some of these gentles cannot participate in full combat for medical reasons, I will be saddened to no longer have them by my side in war. Personally, I have never been hurt by one of these gentles, nor seen one of them get hurt. Allowing them on the field is a way of expanding the number of participants in our game. Fun is always greater when it is shared. As this rule change doesn't fix a problem, and seems to cause another, I can't agree with it. As they say... if it's not broke... "

Eve the Just, armed combatant -- Barony of Borealis, Principality of Avacal, Kingdom of An Tir

"I am unable to be a Heavy due to significant spinal and other injuries received in a car accident. I am able to particiate as a current / former archer but will be unable to participate if these new rules are enforvced in this Kingdom. "
Rhodri ap Tewdwr, Deputy Seneschal Kingdom of Lochac, Former Seneschal College of St Gildas, Herald at Large, Moderator Blazons elist., -- College of St Gildas, Barony of Ynys Fawr

"Lights add significantly to war scenarios - why change things if it ain't broke? And don't we have the facility for "Medium lights" anyway? I know it's annoying to get right up to the castle walls and then get the arrow hit, so it's back to the res point .... but that's no reason to do away with lights. Are the folk behind this move the ones I've seen shrugging off arrow hits???? Come on, folk, there's room for ALL of us in the SCA - which I joined because it's so much fun!!! "
Alun of Jedburgh, Heavy fighter -- Politarchopolis, House des Cartes

"It seems to me that Lohac has had no problems with the system they have been using for the past 15 years. Why make them change it? They are a separate entity for insurance purposes if liability is some how an issue. "
Fearghus Macildubh, Armoured Combatant -- Mendersham, Ansteorra

"If it ain't broke - don't fix it! Non-contact elements offer a great opportunity to introduce people to the thrill of the battlefield without the risk of them being pummelled to oblivion. "
Toirdhaelbhach O'Corrain, ex light, ex marshal -- Innilgard

"We were told that light fighters would not be removed every time armor requirements went up. To do this now is to call all the BoD members at that time liars. I sure hope they weren't "
Æric the Penalt of Cumberland, Rapier marshall and fighter, aspiring light fighter -- Shire of LionsDale, Kingdom of An Tir

"There are a great many people out there who don't care to get hit with heavy weapons, women figure largely in this number, but want to participate in wars. The light combatant gives those people the chance to tell "No Shit, there I was" stories too, and to relate to the biffo boys. It improves the game for all of us. I fight with florentine, so a large part of my war experience is dodging arrows, and chasing down troublesome lights, and I wouldn't have it any other way. "

Douglas Fitzwilliam, Heavy Combattant (Florentine) -- Stormhold

"As consort to a heavy fighter and light-in-training, who is also the father of four aged under 16, all of whom wish to banner bear and/or do combat archery beside their father on the battlefield, seeing the look of devastion on the face of a just-turned 14 year old after having to tell her that she now has to wait another 2 years to fulfil a cherished dream that she has held since the age of 10, was simply horrible. One of the best things about the SCA, at least here in Lochac, is its diversity and inclusiveness. These changes will reduce the opportunties people have to play, and we as a society will be the poorer for the lack of additional points of interest and pagentry that archers and banner bearers bring to the war field, as well to the spectators. But what bothers me even more than the affects on our family, on our friends in the SCA who are lights, and on our game in Lochac (and other kingdoms where combat archery is a significant part of the war field), is the (apparently) arbitrary nature of the changes and the (apparent) lack of meaningful consultation with those it will affect most. Today its banner bearers and lights - what will be taken away tomorrow? "
Oriel of the Gypsies, OST, OLM, Royal cypher, long standing former Baronial officer -- Politarchopolis

"I speak for many in Borealis who are quite baffled at this idiotic ruling that has come do ne. I have fought in two wars and have been treated with all due respect by all on the field.No matter what we do in life, as adults, we must understand that with our choices,there are always consequences. "
Lady Litton Spoke, Mistress of Arrows -- Borealis

"As an armored fighter, I really appreciate the added challenge and realism that archers and siege engines provide. With the new rule that archers are expected to be killed the same as armored fighters, I'm afraid we're going to lose a lot of archery and siege fighters, who don't want to be hit when they're basically defenseless. Melees will be far less enjoyable when that happens, and it will be a great loss to the SCA. "

Adriana Michaels, armored fighter, baronial chronicler, and marshal in training -- Barony of Dun Carraig, Kingdom of Atlantia

"I am neither a light weapons nor a heavy weapons fighter; I might recover sufficiently to qualify in light weapons; however, I cannot wear armor so my possibilities become nil under the new rules. Even if I were not interested in light weapons, I would still disagree with imposing heavy armor requirements on kingdoms on other continents. Most fighters from Drachenwald and Lochac will never make it to Pennsic, much less Gulf War, Lillies, Estrella, or Potrero. If such fighters come to the US, they can play by US rules or watch from the sidelines. But even if you kick me out of combat archery combat because I cannot wear heavy armor, why should you tell kingdoms on other continents how to play their game on their continents? "
HL Colm Dubh, Herald Extraordinaire, former marshal (heavy weapons) -- Darkwater, Trimaris

"I tried to champion the cause in An Tir when APDs were mandated. Each added change to combat archery has only served to make me happy that I went exclusively to target archery at that time. Here in North America we had to adapt because of neighboring kingdoms. As a kingdom with your own continent, I don't believe that you should have to change. Too bad that my opinion doesn't matter to the BoD. "
HL Kenneth of Shaftesbury, Archery Champion for the Principality of Tir Righ -- Shire of Eisenmarche

"We are diminished with the loss of this combat form. Those who wish to contribute to combat but cannot be struck or are too young will not be allowed to play. This is truely sad as we will lose people over this. "
HL Deicyn Moel AoA, GC, VW, JdL, GG, Senior Light Marshal, Senior Target Archery Marshal, -- Shire of Vinjar, Principality of Avacal, An Tir

" The expence of having to be heavy armoured would effectivly remove any chance I would ever have of autherising for combat. The removal of light archers from the local kingdom would remove any interest I have in hopefully takeing the (combat) field. It would be devestating to the local groups to lose the interest and services of any light aurtherised combatent who could not efford the cost of a manditory upgrade or who simple does not wish to have to risk the posibilty of being hit with more than an arrow. "
Nigel of Southron Gaard, AoA , merchant/trader, carpender, bonecarver and aspiring light. -- Southron gaard

"Our society needs more people, not less activities. As more people have the opportunity to take part at the battlefields of Lochac it's a better way. "
Erik Sternschild -- Shire Uma, Nordmark, Drachenwald

"I always felt that archery is a great tactical addition to SCA combat "
Hartmann Rogge, Knight of Drachenwald, OP, Viscount &c. Never fired an arrow in combat -- Nordmark, Drachenwald

"20 years in the SCA: 20 years a light. It should go without saying that an arbitrary rule change that decreases safety and stops many enthusiastic combattants from continuing to play, is a Bad Thing. Apparently though, some need to be told. Lochac has the best system of mixed combat in the SCA. We will not be "phased out". Mercurio "
Mercurio, Combat Archer, Archery marshall, 1st Captain of Archers of Polit., 1st Fencer in Lochac -- Politarchopolis

"I find it quite ironic that we are moving from a system in which becoming authorised as a heavy archer was nearly impossible, to a system in which it is mandatory for anyone interested in combat archery. "
Aelfred se leof, AoA, OGT, heavy archer, rapier marshal -- Colles Ardorum

"My ONLY war experience is as a Siege Engine operator. No "heavy" fighter ever mistook us for "people I can hit." Rules were sufficient to prevent that. Whatever happened to the "sandwich" boards that the fighter touched to disable the Siege crew? You have TWO corporations that can protect your assets. Therefore, should you decide to step away from SCA, Inc. and continue to play by your own rules, there isn't much they can do to stop you. In fact, retaining the income your Association Fees represents is a greater influence on them than anything else you have. I suggest you use it. "
Cedric MacRory, OLM, This is not from my office so I decline to state. -- West, Cynagua, Silver Desert

"As former heavy figher and a current "non contact" archer I support this action in Lochac and ALL Kingdoms. Just the new armor regs for light have practically eliminated all but those of use who used to be heavy combatants. Very bad for the art of war in general. "

Titus Antonius Archelaus, Baron of Three Mountains, Antir, Sr Heavy Marschall, Rapier Marschall -- Baron of Three Mountains, Antir

"I did eveything possible to keep non-contact archers active in An Tir during Our reign and will continue that quest for I feel eliminating this aspect of our combat will only hinder and hurt our organisation and our fun. "
Jarl Skeggi Hrafensfuri, Count, Knight, Senior Heavy Marshal, -- Kingdom of An Tir, Barony of Vulkenfeldt

"Show me a *valid* reason why non-contact combat here should be stopped. Under current Lochac rules, it's far safer than fighting as a heavy and allows people who would not otherwise take to the field (eg for reasons of health) to enjoy an activity not possible anywhere else in the known world. "

Aylwin Greymane, Viscount, Don, GoA, OZIBOD secretary, former light marshal and one time light infantry champion of the College of St Christina the Astonishing -- Innilgard

"The current classification of lights serves as a less threatening & tactically rich war activity. It also allows combatants to observe war from an involved but not directly engaged perspective, learning about tactic & technique from their war group before (if they desire) diving into the fray as a heavy. And when our war unit is on the field the last thing we can spare is our archers, they make a key part of the legion & these rules will be seen by many as a disincentive to be an archer. "
Cormac of Barsalloch, Herald, Heavy & Light In Training -- St. Malachy

"To me the issue of archery is a major part of the uniqueness of Lochac. We have a set of rules that have worked well for us since we started and the (relatively) few visitors have been easily been able to adapt and enjoy the difference. Homogenising the rules throughout the world just for its own sake has no value. There must be a real safety (or other) issue to be fixed for it to have value. I see these changes as being detrimental to the growth of Lochac. This is exacerbated by the lack of consultation in public forum with the people who are going to be affected. I also would like the Society Marshall to actually come and see our rules in action and see how well they work before he tries to eliminate them without any cause. "
Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen, OP et al, Admiral of the Southern Oceans, former Deputy Chair of the Grand Council of the SCA, Herald, bard former combatant in all three forms and marshall in all and holder of almost every office in the SCA at some level or other -- Ynys Fawr and Southron Gaard

"I know of many young people just itching to get into heavy fighting, and I think the younger you start on the field, the more prepared you are. Light combat is available to just about anyone, and should be nurtured as a wonderful means to an end, or the end itself! "
Dauphina del lago, Bard -- Montengarde

"I'd like to see this Banner bearer concept in action-it's promoting the pageantry I joined up for. "
Lord Dalibor Krivoklatsky, Sgt.of Lions Gate, Man-at-arms to Prince Kheron Azov, Heavy fighter, junior heavy marshal, junior youth combat marshal -- Barony of Lions Gate, Principality of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir

"I have been a Heavy combatant for over 14 years and have always enjoyed the added flavour that having light combatants adds to a war. in all that time i have never observed or felt any safety concerns with having them on the field with me as long as all of the pre-existing rules and procedures were followed. in the last few years i have taken the was field as a light on occasion and have also fully enjoyed the activity and was glad to know when my days of heavy fighting were over i could still have a enjoyable role to play in war fighting. i can only feel that removing lights from our society is only going to remove something positive and exclude a great many people from participating in something so wonderful. "
Mikael Mikaelavik Donskov, Lord Scum, AoA, Marshal, authorized heavy and light fighter -- Barony of Seagirt, principality of Tir Righ

"It's been over 10 years since I started by training as a heavy, and switched to light after 6 months. I've never been back voluntarily. I love the game we play, and I believe that we have proven it to be a safe, fun system, where everyone can choose to participate at a level they felt comfortable with. Overall, I can see no benefit or enhancement to the warfield, and a great deal of problems being caused with recruitment & participation. Of more serious concern is the manner in which these changes have been made, without general populace consultation or concern for isolated cultural differences. I ask those who have made these decisions to rescind them, or continue the Lochac exemptions in perpetuity. "
Ulric Johansson, Mercenary, light, light marshal, authorised heavy -- House Drakkar, Rowany

"As a historical combat enthusiast. I have always had great respect for the stand the SCA has made in favour of safety and inclusiveness, and that the combat system adopts these tenets as basis for play. It is my feeling that the SCA combat culture is moving towards a culture of lessened responsibility with this ruling, and in placing the onus on the individual who prefers not to be struck removes responsibilities of careful and safe combat. I cannot see how such a lessening of responsibility can benefit SCA combat and in addition could well increasing the rate of injury as well as detering new players. I understand the basis behind the ruling, but I cannot support it on the matters raised by myself and others within this petition. YIS Reinhard auf Burgdorf "
Reinhard auf Burgdorf -- Ynys Fawr

"One of the great advantages to the previous 'light' rules was lack of cumbersome and expensive items like knee pads, hand protection and elbows. As a light I believe we should be allowed to make our own decisions with regards to knee, elbow and hand protection. We all know the risks and have always made educated decisions. Light combat has always been a viable alternative for people with fewer funds with which to purchase armour, and those with health issues, and people of smaller builds. As well as people who just love combat archery! As a light of many years I am very disappointed to think that any changes will be made, as I, and my fellow lights, have never had any issues with the current armour standards. As they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!! :-) Aleyd "
Aleyd Lubeck, light -- St Florian de la Riviere

"First saw Lights in action at Canterbury Faire 2006. Wonderful to see the flurry of arrows from both sides, adding an unexpected dimension to the centre stage acts of people hitting other people. "
Scott, Singer, musician, potential archer. -- Southron Gaard

"The Principality of Avacal combat archers are primarily non-contact. We too have expect many fewer people on the warfield. "
Brynach ap Rhys, Principality of Avacal Royal Archer -- Shire of Cold Keep

"the impudence of it all. "
Rainald FitzRenyard, Capt of Archery (Rowany), Grant of Arms Lochac Company of Archers -- Rowany

"I am 65. I am quite fit, and hope to remain so. I am not willing to risk my old body being bashed. I am also quite deaf, and if unable to see an attacker am likely to be bashed under the new rules. I am a late comer to SCA, from which I derive great pleasure. I will be a late goer if the proposal that I authorise as a Heavy becomes the rule. "
Jory Liskerett, Light, Assistant Reeve -- Shire of Bacchus Wood

"I have health problems that would prevent me from walking the combat field, I want to be apart of the wars and as a light fighter I could. However, there is no reason for the heavys to hit us. Maybe it would make the GAME better, but as it is the heavys don't always acknowledge the bows they receive from other heavy fighters. I'm concerned that we are moving away from the true mission of the SCA as we are a non profit Educational group, and we are focused on wars. I'm also a Chirurgeon and see no reason why saftey can't be handled to protect everyone and why it seems that we are trying to divide this into two groups. The SCA was not created to have a huge division and where has all the educational parts of the group gone to? There where arhcers in the wars and they played an important role in the outcome. I'm aware of people who have left the SCA because of the ongoing rule changes and I'm aware of a splinter group that is now a spin off of the SCA. "
Marguerite de Moseleia, Honorable Lady, archer,yeoman to 3M's Baroness, working to be a heavy marshall -- Antir,Three Mountains, Portland, Or. USA

"As a woman who does not have any upper body strength or any desire to be beat with a stick, I would have to say the only way I would partake in a war/combat scenario is if I could fight non-contact. Please don't take the opportunity to play in this fashion away. It would really stink. I love watching archer war scenarios too! "
Lady Kira the Lighthearted of Rockfall, Wife of a very talented light fighter (who's been fighting for 17yrs) -- Barony of Lions Gate, Kingdom of An Tir

"I have been playing Light for about 15 years and using the Lemming seige weapons for about 8. It has always been great fun, safe and added much to the enjoyment on the battlefield. If it ain't broke.... "

Rannailt Beringer, Light, Cannoneer, Ballista -- Rowany

"Combat archery has been around since the FIRST war in July 1967. This is not a new concept. The Society should not be messing with things that work. "
Master Eric Bjornsson, OP, Knight Marshal of the Principality of the Mists,, Former War Marshal of the West, Heavy Fighter & Light Fighter -- Barony of Darkwood, Principality of the Mist, Kingdom of the West

"I am a petite woman with no aspirations to heavy combat, and was looking quite forward to participating in the Martial Arts in a way that was appropriate to my persona, fun and, above all, safe for me to do. An Tir has always had Light combattants, with tremendous success and a high level of participation. This ruling effectively eliminates the option for a great number of people to support their Kingdoms on the field of War, which is a great loss and very sad indeed. "
THL Tomyris Nomadikos -- Barony of Madrone, Kingdom of An Tir

"While consistency in rules is generally a good thing, there are also times in international organisations where particular regions develop a significantly different practice to the rest of the organisation and that this is not necessarily a bad thing. I would far prefer to see the rules remain basic at an "SCA International" level, then allow the various affiliate bodies to put in place additional rules as is appropriate for the style of combat practiced. This allows for the spirit of SCA combat to be continued in its many varied forms across the globe. "
THL Artemisia da Quieto d'Arzenta, GoA, authorised heavy, warranted chirurgeon -- Colles Ardorum

"The changes to the Society Marshals Handbook, significant as they are to Lochac, imply an issue which is of far greater concern to the Society as a whole. Respect. It is NOT respectful to make a change in this manner. Does our Society's self-belief in Respect only run skin deep? I like to think not."
Arnfinr Akasson, Baron of Ynys Fawr, Heavy/Light, Heavy Marshall, Light Marshall

"Tho perhaps (very remotely) relevant in the major wars in the US, when it comes to the far smaller Mixed Combats & Wars in NZ, the perceived risk these rules changes are attempting (badly) to address is minute. At least the SCANZ has an option, as a separate authority thanks to the foresight of the Committee members"
Lord Benedict of Askerigge, Astrolabe herald, unpope, heavy & fencer, MIT for same -- Ildhafn

"Due to Injuries from car accidents, full contact combat as in Heavy is not an option for me. Also as the other of an 8 yr old girl who is definitely interested in combat I am not prepared to allow any combat at full contact for a long period of time. With non-contact light she can get a feel for it, and I would feel safer about her participation when (and if) she did move up to full contact. "
Cara of Kirriemuir, Player for 15 years, currently interested in getting back into Light Combat BUT NOT Full Contact -- Bacchus Wood

"Lochac has the BEST form of Combat Archery in the SCA! It gives a MUCH more period feel to a battle when the "rain of arrows" falls on the heavies. The vast number of Combat archers in Lochac is directly linked to (a) NOT getting hit and (b) NOT using golf-tube arrows .... instead we get much greater range and accuracy in Lochac. Personally I feel the SCA world-wide would benefit, if the Lochac archery rules were adopted instead. "

Nerissa de Saye, Countess, Viscountess, Laurel, Herald, madrigal singer, ex-archer -- Thames Reach, Drachenwald. Formerly St Florian, Lochac.

"I support the request of the Sovereign Kingdom of Lochac to enact this exemption to the rules as stated in this petition. If the Kingdom of Lochac believes this will help their Kingdom, it should be allowed. "
Duke Odo FitzHugh, KSCA -- Kingdom of Trimaris

"After first being introduced to the SCA by a dear friend in maile, and having learned I do not have the mentality to be a heavy, all I have ever aspired to is to be a light. Circumstances have piled one upon the other until it is only now - 10 years later - that I find myself even close to be able to achieve my goal. I look forward to the first time I don armour and plume, take up my bow to shoot and be shot. I look forward to it more so then a man stand and declare I am his inspiration. I want to do my bit; I want to experience the SCA that can only be experienced on the war field. I want to be a Light. "
Lady Darby de Askote, aspiring light -- Aneala/Abetridwr

"I feel that the "Non-contact combat" form of fighting enhances the society by allowing members, both new and old, to be involved in fighting and to experience a realistic combat situation without the attendant risks involved in full combat "heavy" fighting. In removing the provisions for "light" combat I feel that we lessen the appeal of the SCA to both existing and prospective members. I also posit that, in doing so, we deprive ourselves of an invaluable slipstream into the more involved, time consuming and potentially financially draining forms of combat and, being an inclusive rather than exclusive society, we owe it to our members to offer as many safe and enjoyable forms of combat as possible. "
Rodrigo, Light -- Dismal Fogs

"Being unable to play heavy due to health reasons being an archer was anacceptable way for me to enjoy the benefits of our combat. "
William de Tosny, Light, Former Seneschal & A&S officer -- River Haven

"Lights are too important to Lochac and the SCA as a whole. It is a stepping stone to other martial activities and must not be destroyed or regulated out of existence. To those on a light budget, or who have a physical handicap preventing other battlefield activities, it is their only hope of joining in the fun with their friends. "

Llwyd ap Madog, Range Marshall, Combat Archer, Webminister, Chronicler -- Shire of Bacchus Wood, Lochac

"Since being unable to fight heavy (doctors orders) I can now only take part in the heat of battle as a light, which I very much enjoy doing. I have a nice crossbow at my disposal, and so can still fight alongside my fellow campanions of the company of St George. These rule changes would significantly change the way we do things here in Lochac, for the detriment. I remember my first war many years ago at Canterbury Faire, which was mixed, with there being more lights than heavies, great fun. "
Sir Willehelm von Tannenberg, KSCA, Baronial Reeve, Marshal -- Ildhafn

"Changing a rule that was working fine seems dumb especially if it will limit the fabulousness of our archers. "
Caterina Sansovino -- Rowany

"I have never fought on the warfield as a light. however as a polearm fighter, I find the constant risk of dying from an unseen archer on the other side of the battlefield greatly increases the feel of combat and encourages greater situational awareness and tactical thinking. (Although King Harold would be quite pleased with the ruling.) "
Alatar the Bedlamite, Heavy -- Agaricus

"For personal and professional reasons I have no wish to be a full-contact participant on the battlefield. I love being a light, and was planning to build and crew a seige engine for InterCollege War next year, but if I have to become a heavy to do so, no way. This fundamental change to the way we play sets to lessen both the safety and enjoyment of those on the warfield in Lochac. "
Aldwin Seguin, AoA, GT, Authorising Rapier Marshal, Light, siege engine enthusiast -- Innilgard

"Without the choice to become a light or a heavy what is the SCA? - I play in the SCA because it is for best part about being able to make choices and ignoring most of the mundane beaucracy of life. "
Aminah bint Yusuf al-Zarqa, Hospit and Webscribe -- Radburne

"Archery combat won't go away with the new rules, but they've unfairly restricted war participation to the hale and hearty. I know of a number of people with permanent injuries who are still able to enrich their SCA experience through light archery. Will they pass the Full Contact authorisation? The Society Marshal's job is surely to maintain safety standards as the Society's culture and traditions evolve from one form to another. This rule change crushes local culture under the guise of homogeneity. "

Andre de Montsegur, Abertridwr knight marshal, heavy fighter, inactive light. -- Abertridwr

"As someone interesting in taking up combat archery and becoming part of a seige weapons crew, these changes would turn me off completely. "
Ailionora ingen O'hOgain -- College of St Hieronymus

"There are very specific reasons I'm training in archery and rapier - I don't want to get hit. The 'light combat' rules are the framework within which I can take to the field of battle without worrying about large pieces of rattan coming my way. To constantly have to check if a fighter is bearing down on me so that I can yield would detract from both my ability to enjoy the game and my accuracy with a bow. "
Gilligan, Baronial Guard, light-in-training -- College of St Bartholomew

"As a Senior Marshal and our partly isolated group's main trainer, I always encourage new fighters to test themselves in war situation by fielding as a light combatant. Doing this has proved invaluable to identify those that are over-whelmed by the chaos of war without putting them at higher risk. Also, as a small group with limited resources we struggle to provide sufficient safe and comfortable armour, so having the option of getting people out on the field in off-the-shelf sports equip provides a significant avenue for rentention of new members. Personally, I love the challenge that our archers bring to the war field and would be very sad to see a decline in their numbers or effectivness. When fighting heavy the increased awareness required is exhilarating. As a unit commander or general, to play the tactics of applying or defending against archers while being a prime target oneself, provides a challenge second to none. If we cannot achieve a specific dispensation, I will be strongly encouraging our EM to exploit Section:I.A.10 [of the Society Marshal's Handbook, permitting Kingdoms to create new classes of authorisations] to it's fullest. "
Thaddeus Blayney, Pelican, Court Baron, Heavy, sometime Light, Senior Marshal -- Colles Ardorum

"I'm a newcomer to the SCA, and I would be most upset if my friends, for whatever reason, did not feel safe on the field. I was attracted to the SCA precisely because it is so safety-focused - but now our lights will have to be prepared to be struck in order to take the field. This seems ridiculous. Many participants who play light are doing so because that is the only way they can play the game - for instance they might be injured, or not yet ready to take the physical stress of playing heavy. I also think that the unique way we fight in Lochac is worth defending. Having powerful, effective light archers on a war field makes the game exciting and realistic. I call upon the Society Marshal to support those of us who are new to the game, as well as injured veterans of the game - please, do not alienate us! "
Isabetta Bernardi, Rapier combatant, light in training -- Shire of Darton

"I have not heard a justifiable reason for this rule change. A change in mundane law or insurance, that would be fair. "
Loyola Juan Sanchez Mendoza, knight, war bunny -- rowany

"Some people who currently do light do so because of medical reasons such as heart conditions, spinal degeneration, congenital deformity. The heavy armour is just that too heavy - the results of these changes are that there will be less people able to 'play'. What about the discrimination bought about by this. "
Catherine de Bonifacio, Rapier, soon to be heavy -- Polit

"I have never had any personal interest in participating in wars within the SCA, although I enjoy fighting in tournaments. However, it is a delight to see the joy expressed by the light fighters in the Kingdom of Lochac in their game. One of the true benefits to the Lochac system of light combat has been the ease in integrating new people into it. I am concerned that the new rules will make it harder for new people to get out there and try light combat. Additionally, the new rules may well force some people who have been active light fighters to retire from that aspect game. The resultant loss of that avenue to joy for those individuals diminishes the entire Society. "
Kareina Talvi Tytär, Viscountess of Oertha, OL, Seneschal of the Barony of Ynys Fawr -- Ynys Fawr

"I came all the way from Vancouver, Canada just so that I can participate in a war without having to be a heavy. Based on my small and fragile frame, being an archer was the only way for me to participate in a war. Please do not let this happen like it did in Canada. After all, this should be a family event. "
Cary -- Lionsgate, Antir

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Lochac is happy and safe with the current combat standards and we get no benefit from these rule changes. We already have exemptions from many combat rules pertaining to light and seige, why can't this just be added to the list? "
Keridwen the Mouse, Light/Heavy/Seige, Viscountess, ex-Baroness of Rowany, Pelican, Laurel -- Rowany

"I enjoy light combat as it puts my skills as a crossbowman to the test in the challenging field of actual combat rather than just shooting at static targets. My most memorable moment as a light was when I shot Sir Ulf in the head with a snap shot from the far side of the field during a "King" battle thus winning the battle for my side. "

Lord Gilbert de Montfort, Baronial Crossbow Champion -- Barony of Southron Gaard

"Combat archery within the society as a whole is, in my opinion, broken. It is not so in Lochac. Let us not tamper with that we do not comprehend, without weighing carefully the local advice. "
Robert of Canterbury, GOA, Local marshal, Regional Castellan, Heavy, sometime fencer, ex light archer -- Thamesreach, Drachenwald

"I feel that one of the main strengths of the SCA is its inclusive, 'broad church' approach to pretty much everything. I think light participants on the armoured combat field are a vital part of this, and would be a sad loss should they be outlawed- it's one of the things that makes us more than a second rate historical combat re-enactment forum! "
Antonio di Rienzo, Order of the Silver Guard, Ordern des Linquistringes, Kingdom Rapier Marshal Drachenwald, Cut and Thrust Marshal, Archery Marshal, Combat Archery Marshal in Training -- West Dragoningshire, Drachenwald

"Creating a situation in which an unarmed person can be hit seems to me to be more dangerous than the current conventions in Lochac. "
Cormac Lenihan, Laurel, Heavy Marshal -- Krae Glas

"Light combat is the only way I'll ever be able to take the field in the SCA. I don't have the build or strength to be a heavy (I've tried it), so if lights are removed from combat then I'll never be able to participate in that, and the fighting is one of the main things that attracted me to the SCA. I know I'm not the only one in this situation, too. "
Mibanui bach merch Iudhail, Archer-in-training; wanting to be a future light combatant -- Stormhold/Krae Glas

"I see a common set of themes running through this whole thread None of which make a great deal of sense to me. 1) We are Lochac and our tradition are diferant and we don't have to play play by the same rules as every one else. Well then Leaves the SCA you obviously don't want to part of the same game the rest of us play. 2) I don't wanna get hit, But I wanna have the right to hit anyone I choose! I should not have to even comment on the lack of chivalry of that concept. 3) I am to weak, disabled etc to play heavy. Tell That to our local Knight with just 1 leg, Tell that to the Lords who fight from wheel chairs every year at gulf wars. If you Can't be in combat, don't expect to be in combat and treated special. "
Aelfraed of shyrwode, Heavy, ex-marshall after 8 years of service -- Rising stone.

"As a heavy i have found that light archers greatly improve the game and authenticity on the war field. The killing conventions for light participants doesn't impede the enjoyment of this sport. "
Rioghan of Saarlands, senior marshal, squire to Sir Atar, light archer, heavy archer, full contact combatant, rapier authorised, gold nock, Queen's cypher x 2, Prince's cypher, Princess' cypher, ex Princess' Champion -- Arrowsreach

"I can see the apparent advantages in banning what must be an unwanted complexity for those in the central kingdoms who aren't used to it. Combat is risky enough when large bands from diverse kingdoms come together as they do at Pennsic and similar events. But the diversity is an essential part of the SCA. It must not be lightly sacrificed.
If you wish to be safe, by all means declare that certain extra rules apply to certain wars and battles -- that's only fair, and I can't see anyone seriously insisting that the majority make allowances for the minority in absolutely everything they do. But don't ban the minority outright -- whether directly or indirectly. That's not democratic; it's just clumsy.
The diameter of a typical helm may be 20 or 30 centimetres; the diameter of the world is 12,745 kilometres. The difference is significant. "

Karl Faustus von Aachen, Court Baron, Herald Extraordinary and Bard -- Politarchopolis

"Not everyone wants to fight heavy or armor heavy. If archers are hit on the battlefield, the heavy doing the hitting needs to be removed(authorization as well as physically from the field). The plumes stand for something - "Oops, I didn't see it" is no excuse. Non-combattant roles serve their function as well. Not everyone is cut out to be, or wants to be a stick jock.
Wolfram "

Sir Wolfram Flammenherz, Knight, Heavy Marshall, Rapier Marshall, occasional archer's target -- Barony of Stormhold

"I feel that light combatants add to the fun and add aythenticity to our game. In my years of marshalling, I've never witnessed a safety issue by having them on the field (I've marshalled the last 7 Pennsics). "
Makai, marshall, youth marshall, regional exchequer -- Atlantia

"I am a heavy fighter and my partner also authorised heavy, but due to a medical condition he can no longer take part in full contact combat. He is still keen to participate in wars as a light combatant and will not be able to if these new rules come into effect. The object of our sport is to have fun in a safe environment. The introduction of these rules will discourage many people from taking part in wars because they would be risking serious injury if they did. It also creates a risk for the SCA for those fighters who fight as lights because of a risk to their health. What happens if their love of fighting as a light makes them risk their health because they have no other option? "
Lady Eadaoin inghean ui Lochlainn, Seneschal -- Draks Fjord

"I have been a Combat Archer in Lochac since 1991, and a Heavy Fighter since 1996. Lochac has a rich tradition of combat archery (non-contact) and it would be devastating if we could no longer play the game our way. I have experienced combat archery in Altantia and at Pennsic and compared to them, our rules rock. As you can see in the photos, our Heavies and Lights work together as a team, on and off the field. We will lose members, we will lose active participants, and the SCA in Australia will suffer greatly. "

Master Will Cumyn, OP, GT, GT, DW, OST, OSN, Senior Marshal -- Shire of Arrowsreach

"I was injured when I began heavy fighting, and will never be able to fight heavy again. Now that my arm is just about fixed I am beginning training as an archer with the intention of being a light fighter. Obviously, if this option is removed, I will not be able to join in the fighting side of the SCA. "
THL Lowry ferch Gwynwynwyn ap Llewelyn, Grant of Arms: Shire Reeve: Acting Constable : trainee light -- Shire of Bordescros

"If this were a petition for any kingdom but Lochac (Or Drachenwald, I suppose), I'd not sign it. However, as Lochac is a free standing corporation, with different laws than the US or Canada, and this is so important an issue to their Kingdom's culture, I can't see why they shouldn't be granted a waiver to this rule to continue to operate as they do. This is a manner I might add that I'd be WHOLELY against for my own kingdom. I say this assuming they've done due dilligence in making sure that everything they're doing is safe and legal for their under-age participants, and they know full well that they can't take these people to the major wars such as Pennsic, Gulf Wars and Estrella. "

Sir Morgan Buchanan, Knight, regional deputy to the Kingdom Earl Marshal of Ansteorra -- Barony of the Steppes, Kingdom of Ansteorra

"I am an authorised Light, but not a heavy. Should lights be removed, then I will simply not fight as I am not comfortable with being struck by a big stick! "
Raoul of Buzz, Webmaster, Light, -- St. Florian de la Riviere

"I am concerned with damage that may be suffered by equipment (eg bows, arrow shafts) if archers are hit by a heavy blow. I am also concerned that damaged equipment may be a hazard to unwary lightly armoured combatants on the field. I believe the current combat system in Lochac should be retained in Lochac. "
Donwald MacNiall, heavy and light fighter -- Dismal Fogs

"Light, non-contact combat is the only outlet I have to participate in wars, as I am not in a position to be able to fight "heavy" and rapiers are not allowed in war scenarios "
Robin of Twyford -- River Haven

"Being new to the society and an active person I chose to be authorised as a Light so I could continue my active lifestyle in a new and interesting way. Being a Light (at the moment) means that I can (within reason) protect myself from any unneccessary or unwanted physical harm. I greatly encourage any improvements to combatants physcial protection, yet I fail to see how the proposed changes to eliminate non-combatants will provide that protection. "
Ayla Bogenshutze, Light -- Politarchopolis / Torlyon

"I attempted training as a heavy, and it really didn't suit me. I'm currently training and hope to be authorised as a light by the end of the year. I'd really like to be able to be involved in fighting, and if it requires being authorised as a heavy, there's no way I'll ever be able to do it. It will severely reduce my ability to be involved in this aspect of the society. "
Miles Brennan, Scribe -- College of St Monica's

"Light combat is a great stepping stone for people to come into combat and become heavies. It is also a good field for those of us who, for whatever reaons feel uable or unwiling to become heavies but still wish to be on the war field. Also, from a spectators point of view it adds to the vision. It adds to the colour. Do not detract from our dream where you do not have to. Apart form all of this a war field involes those people -- please do not devalue the sacrifice the banner bearer made because it was not the same as what the axe bearer made. "
Emoni Wintl, Seneschal of the College of Blessed Herman, enthusiast, friend of lights, heavies, and those in between -- Blessed Herman / Innilgard

"I feel the whole point of having light archers is to create a diversity of people getting on the field and getting involved. Some people can not and do not want to be hit, for medical or other reasons. This move would reduce the number of participants and detract from the game. "
Lord Martuccio Lorenzo Cavilcanti de Medici , heavy fighter /rapier fighter / Baronial rapier marshal -- Southron Gaard

"I have been a member of the SCA since 1994 and have seen many 'wars'. In this time, I have found the non-combatants provide a valuable role and pagentry that goes beyond that of other Kingdoms. Though I do not fight heavy myself (did do rapier previosly) due to long-standing health issues and injuries (back and knees), I had recently become interested in playing lights. With the decision to effectively remove lights, banner bearers and other non-combatant roles from the 'game', this avenue is no longer an option for me, as the 'heavy' contact would cause considerable problems to existing injuries. Over the years, I have witnessed the exemplary safety standards with regards to non-combatants, in Lochac. I feel it is unecessary to penalise these members (and spectators)of the SCA in an effort to 'reduce the safety dangers' that do not actually appear to be valid in our Kingdom. We have lights in our household who will now have to return to target archery only. It saddens me when the apparently common knee-jerk reaction in the US to make rulings for fear of non-existant problems (in Lochac) is at the expense of the enjoyment of its members in what has been a very safe passtime. Kat. "

La Signora Onorata (THL) Katerina da Brescia, Grant of Arms. ex-baronial rapier marshal and rapier fighter , target archer, ex-KMoAS -- Innilgard

"Light combat is a great stepping stone for people to come into combat and become heavies. It is also a good field for those of us who, for whatever reaons feel uable or unwiling to become heavies but still wish to be on the war field. Also, from a spectators point of view it adds to the vision. It adds to the colour. Do not detract from our dream where you do not have to. Apart form all of this a war field involes those people -- please do not devalue the sacrifice the banner bearer made because it was not the same as what the axe bearer made. "
Emoni Wintl, Seneschal of the College of Blessed Herman, enthusiast, friend of lights, heavies, and those in between -- Blessed Herman / Innilgard

"The concept of light archers /other players brings our game to a level of players who may not be involved if everyone had to be "heavy". Keep the lights, and keep the people. Jamas Arriere "
James Douglas, Assistant Seneschal -- Loch Alba (Bordescros)

"I have been to Lochac during Rowany festival 06, and let me say that i was impressed in the way they control the lights. I think taking away that option for them will loose interest in the SCA. Besides it also takes away from people who are not medically able to be "run down and clubbed like a baby seals." "
Rhys Ravenscroft, KSCA Senior Marshal -- Shire of the Isles CAID

"I recently visited Lochac for the first time this April for Rowany Festival and was tremendously impressed with the quality of the archers and the positive relationships between light and heavy fighters on the battlefield. At no time did I see any situations that suggested to me that allowing non-contact archers presented any kind of safety hazard on the field. In fact, the level of control that the marshals displayed over the field and the fighters over themselves was far better than I have observed anywhere else in the seven kingdoms in which I have fought in the SCA. The decision of the SCA marshallate to universally ban non-contact combat, despite its proven safety record in kingdoms like Lochac and the West seems both unnecessary and, frankly, ridiculous. Lochac has proven that it can easily and safely manage combat to its existing standards, and it should not be punished for a hypothetical safety hazard that has never surfaced. I would implore the office of the Marshallate to either rewrite this section of the manual, or to grant the Kingdom of Lochac a specific exemption (as was done with the archery standards). Yours in Service, Viscountess Jimena Montoya Shire of Isles, CAID "
Jimena Montoya, Viscountess, marshal, heavy fighter -- Shire of the Isles, CAID

"We love our Lights - Please don't take them away..... "
Lady Amber De La Morte -- Politarchopolis

"I have always found that the great strength of the SCA over other historical recreation groups is that it supports such a wide range of activities for people of varying skills and preferences. Light combat is one of the ways in which people can enter the warfield in Lochac when they do not wish to engage in heavy combat. These proposed requirements will certainly make the warfield less appealing for what is currently a wide range of participants. I believe this will degrade the experience for all. From a personal perspective, I injured my knees not so long ago which has taken me completely out of rapier combat for over a year now. I may, however, be able to come onto the warfield in a limited form as a light - but not if I must be afraid of being hit by heavies - I would not be able to sustain a blow of that sort. I am definitely against being forced into heavy combat simply to be able to take to the field. "
Isobal inghean Mhartainn mhic Donnchaidh, Rowany A&S minister, rapier marshall, light -- Rowany

"archers, and other light combatants make a war, a war... this ruling will cause lochac to loose a HUGE amount of lights. not cool. "
kevyn of stowe, heavy combatant -- Canton of Stowe on the Wowld

"I love the war combat in Lochac. I think our use of "lights" brings an extra dimension of strategy to war that is missing in other Kingdoms. "
Brennan Halfhand, KSCA -- Stormhold

"Like many other Ladies who have commented already, I would never consider heavy fighting, as the idea of being hit at close quarters by an opponent twice my size scares me. For all my years in the SCA, Light combat has played an important part in the enjoyment of my friends and households, and is the only form of combat I am finally (after all these years) considering; I have seen so many have so much fun with it that I'm ready to give it a go. These rule changes will put SCA combat again out of my reach financially, as the SCA must needs occupy my lowest financial priority, as well as taking away the appeal that Light combat holds for me - the prospect of being struck by a Heavy puts me right off. If injuries or mistakes had led to these changes, I would understand them, but (as many others have said) such injuries have not occurred nor am I aware of any 'near misses' to necessitate these rule changes. "
Danielis , OLM, PW, AoA, longstanding local Officebearer, Apprentice and Protege; finally aspiring to Light after 16 years in the SCA -- Shire of Dismal Fogs

"While non-contact combat archery may not be the norm in other kingdoms, it is a defining aspect of our game in Lochac. This form of light combat archery has been our tradition. Without any reason given, this has been taken away from us. The traditions and people of Lochac, Drachenwald, An Tir and perhaps other kingdoms, seem to have been summarily dismissed.
For shame.
Taking our unique form of archery away gravely effects the SCA as we know it in Lochac.
Give us back our game. "

Catalina Orosol, Countess -- Southron Gaard

"I belong to a household of archers and these rule changes will mean that many of them will be unable to participate in the SCA as they would like. It is shameful that so many will be excluded from something they enjoy for a decision that does not improve safety or historical authenticity. "
Marie de Sievergue, AoA, Cook -- Politarchopolis

"A combination of heavy and light combat (as it has been) gives options to all who want to have a go on the war field - particularly a safe option for many who are unable or unwilling to endure the brutality of heavy combat. I would not like to see this change, as it would drive many people away from the sport. "
Hugh, rapier, soon to authorise light -- College of St Ursula/Augustine

"While I am possibly too much of a gimp for even Light, I would not wish to see what brings so much enjoyment to so many end because it doesn't affect me. There are many who simply cannot fight heavy yet wish to participate. If it is done safely, as it is here, there should be no need to introduce rules that do not increase safety nor encourage a wider range of participation. "

Willemyne van Nymegen, Order of the Lily, current A&S officer for Ildhafn, Guildswoman of Ildhafn -- Ildhafn

"The Lochac light combat culture has always been significantly different from that of the SCA USA. This difference has been acknowledged by the USA BOD and Officers by the provision of special exemptions for combat in Lochac. Unless some significant evidence of safety failures can be provided to show that these changes are required I cannot see why Lochac could not have yet another excemption. "
John of the Hills, OP, previous member of the SCAA committee, previous Lochac Stock Clerk -- Politarchopolis

"light combatants add atmosphere to Lochac wars, clearly making the re-enactment more historically accurate. "
Senena verch Maelgwn ap Rys, none at present -- Stormhold

"Non contact combat is very important for the continued success of the SCA here in Lochac. Where many people who are of smaller stature or have sound medical reasons against contact (epilepsy) would no longer be able to participate. Furthermore, making every combatant wear full contact gear greatly increases the cost, putting it out of reach of members less than fully committed to SCA, and discouraging new members. Many people of smaller stature are light fighters and archers, and full contact would mean 90% would not venture onto the field any longer. This would be a devastating loss to the event and spectacle, as archers and light fighters add a huge variation to the battle for both spectators and combatants alike. As a new member to the SCA, if full contact were introduced, I'd never be able to participate as I have no interest whatsoever in being hit hard, rather in the subtler art of archery, and I would very much like to participate. "

Khorvash of Southron Gaard

"Personally I hate lights. There is nothing I hate more than being shot by a dam arrow before I've had the chance to deal out a good clobbering, and if I could, I'd love to take stick to the lot of you. So saying, I understand that there is a number of the populous who for what ever reason can't take the field as a heavy or have the good sense to choose not to have the living daylights belted out of them, and I respect that. I think that whom ever came up with this idea of no non-combatants is Softy McSoft from Softville Softafornia. Some one who has shown that they are out of touch with the game and has shown a complete disregard for how others like to play it in order to impose their own personal preference of style on others. I don't like lights but they have my respect for being willing to participate in this aspect of the game. If you take them out, heavies will be left to complain only about other heavies, and no one wants to see that happen. "
Aemon MacGregor, Heavy -- Attica

"It's sad to think that even the SCA is resorting to knee-jerk, blanket safety rules, thereby excluding many active members and a large section of would-be recruits. "
Cormac O'Mallagh, New member - heavy and light -- Abertridwr

"As I am a sufferer of both epilepsy and asthma it is highly unlikely that with the changes proposed that i would ever take to the combat field. As any singular blow to me would render me incapcitated for many months including my mundane life ability to drive a car. Light combat is the only choice for me as no contact is safest. a blow from a shaft is fine but a blow from a heavy in my case could be lethal. In all my research i have yet to find a battlefield anywhere that has not had ranged combatants of some sort and for hundreds of those years archers were predominant. If some heavy fighters don't like dying before they get to swing because an arrow has hit them, tough! A lot of soldiers marched thousands of miles just to be cut down by a hail of arrows. Get used to it - you can't have our beloved re-enactments of battles like Agincourt without archers. "
Darius J'fa, Archer, looking at light combat, Master Fletcher, and Founder of the House of the Golden Fletch. -- Barony of Southron Gaard

"Due to previous head injury, I am medically disbarred from heavy combat. Light archery as used in Lochac allows me continued participation in the combat activities of the SCA, to which the proposed changes would seriously challenge my ability to participate. "
Iarnulfr Thorolfsson, Light archer, smith. -- Politarchopolis

"I find it difficult to believe that a decision such as this has been made - eliminating in one stroke such a large portion of the game for so many people. Being a light combatant is a valuable halfway point between being a heavy - which is difficult or restricted for many - and being excluded from combat altogether. I do not believe there will be any increase in safety from the move to eliminate lights at all, and am deeply saddened by the negative impact on enjoyment for so many of those in our kingdom. "
Veronica Mare, Quartermaster -- Barony of Southron Gaard

"Taking away non-contact participation gains us nothing, we can only lose from this. "
Angele Mari de Savigny, AoA, Light archer -- Dartonshire, Lochac

"Light participants add a whole extra element of FUN to the game we play. Without them, the game would not be the same. "
Lord Rauf le Brewere, Auhtorised Heavy & Rapier fighter, Marshall in Training, Light in Training -- Stormhold

"One of the main things that encourages me to come to events is the presence of my boyfriend. If he is unable to be a light archer while saving money for heavy equipment and learning how to fight heavy, he will no longer be interested in coming to events. We will be two of the many the SCA risks losing by implementing these changes. "
Yseult Gwatkin verch Amrhys -- Southron Gaard

"Why change something that works so well? "
Robert De Mar, Heavy Fighter -- Arrowsreach

"Losing our Light archers would be like losing part of ourselves as a Society. It's an integral part of what we do, who we are, and why we play. "
Ava del Mas, Trainee Marshal -- Canton of Cairnfell, Barony of Stormhold.

"I enjoy fighting against light fighters and banner bearers, as part of mixed combat, immensely, although to this day I have never fought as a light fighter or a banner bearer.
But I may do so in my dotage. And I may have done, if I had been in the society in my youth.
In my experience this set of rules is completely safe and eminently reasonable.
To want to exclude this set of rules from our game smacks of turpitude, folly and ignorance.
Alistair aka Stefano "

Master Stefano da Urbino OL, Heavy Fighter, Marshal, Constable, Laurel (Camp Cookery), etc -- Shire of Darton, Wellington, New Zealand

"Real archery. Real warfare. "

Adele de Maisieres, Order of the Lily etc., ex-Reeve, good-timer and cook extraordinaire -- Southron Gaard

"Light combat has been a fundamental part of the SCA experience for me, both on the delivering and receiving end :-) Having sufficient light archers on the field with the Lochac standard arrows makes a war scenario more than a standard 12th century tourney experience; recall that the major objective of such tourneys was to bludgeon your opponents unconscious and take them and their equipment hostage. The addition of non-contact archers has had no safety implications for Lochac of which I was aware during my 12 or so years in active participation there, but it has had many benefits for our younger members, as well as giving those with some physiological constraints a chance to participate in the combat side of SCA life. I think that the SCA experience, and in particular the feeling of enduring a rain of arrows in a war situation, will suffer significantly from the elimination of non-combat roles. "

Master Arenwald von Hagenberg, OL, rapier and sidesword marshal, light and former heavy combatant, former SCAA chairman -- Aros, Nordmark, Drachenwald

"Without the ability to fight light, I will not be able to take the field as I have a very strong aversion to being hit. I could take the field under the new armor rules if they are passed (though how I'm going to be able to move I have no idea) but not if there is even the remotest possibility that I may be deliberately struck. Not being able to fight will considerable diminish my enjoyment of major events like festival - certainly I would not bother to walk to the war field. "
Robyn of the May, AoA - Light Combatant & Marshall -- Darton

"As a fighter I cannot imagine how horrible it would be to smash someones unprotected fingers because I didn't realise that person was an archer. In the heat of battle I can only imagine the type of 'accidents' that could happen as people are trying to yield, I certainly wouldn't want to try combat archery in those circumstances. Having just fought in a number of wars outside Lochac I think it would be a real shame to lose both the numbers and skill of light combatants in Lochac to these changes. It provides a level of diversity in combat that we in Lochac are uniquely able to enjoy. "
Alesia de Cheval Blanc, Squire -- Politarchopolis

"Being a piddling 5 ft female I can easily see that ligh fighting has its advantages. Not everyone has the build, endurance, and/or the pain tolerance to be a heavy fighter. Having Lights on the field gives the diminutive, the young, and the otherwise unkeen combatants to get out there, have a great time and create an overall more period event. "
Ysemay Rede, Arts and Science office, College of St. Dionysius, Heavy/Light in training, Rapier combatant and MIT. -- Barony of Ildhafn, College od St. Dionysius

"These rules are untested and I cant see how permitting heavies to hit lights makes the game safer.
If you don't hit lights our armour doesn't need upgrading.
I'm a light fighter. I started playing only this year. I've invested heavily in new toys (armour, bows, arrows). Some bits of those now have to be bought again - and for no gain that I see. Instead it seems only to appease some one's desire to hit anyone on the field they want. What next, you want to hit marshals too?
You don't play the same war game as us really and your rule changes don't work for us. Retract them or exempt us from them.

Will, Light authorised combat archer -- Drakkar, Based in Rowany

"Going from light to heavy as noted in point 2 perfectly describes my own journey in fighting. Also the added tactical input of archers makes wars so much more interesting. I have been in over 1000 per side heavy-only battles but give me a 100 a side with a 50/50 mix heavies and lights any day. "
Earl Sir Alaric of Bangor, Earl, Viscount, Knight, Heavy/Light Marshal, Senior Marshal blah blah.... -- Thamesreach, Drachenwald. Until recently St Florian

"Having first authorised 21 years ago, and still being an active heavy combatant, I am one of the longest serving active fighters in Lochac. I am also one of the most widely travelled, having fought or trained in Lochac, West kingdom, An Tir, Caid, Ansteorra, Meridies, East kingdom, Aethelmarc and the Outlands. I have also been a marshal since 1985, and am currently a senior marshal. I have fought in mixed combat with Lochac rules, and with golf tube arrows. I have fought in scenarios with seige weapons. I have marshalled for all these forms of combat. I also am one of the few people in Australia to fight full speed, full contact (with grappling) metal weapons combat styles professionally. I have done technical fight direction for TV and advertising.
I am currently also Chairman of the SCAA Ltd.
I see many problems with the new rules for Lochac. They will profoundly impact the ability of many to participate in a style of combat that is an inherent part of our tradition. This impact will result in us losing valuable members who also contribute to the richness of the SCA in many other ways, by serving as officers, stewarding events, researching, training and participating in all aspects of the SCA.
Fundamentally, though, there should be but three reasons to change rules. Firstly, to make the game safer. Secondly, to increase the historical accuracy of the game. Thirdly, to make them less ambiguous and easier to understand and apply. Combat archery in Lochac is demonstrably safe, and the new rules may in fact reduce the safety of the activity. Secondly, archery as practised in Lochac is closer to being historically accurate than that practised elsewhere. The new rules serve no logical purpose, except perhaps to recreate the game as an elite few would like it to be.
I believe that insufficient consultation with Lochac took place before the rules were set in place, and that insufficient attention was paid to the likely impact on the SCA in Lochac. To allow an exemption to Lochac to continue to practise comabt archery as it does would have minimal (if any) impact on the rest of the SCA. Indeed, one could argue that it is indeed a cultural richness that adds to the game. The overwhelming majority of visitors to our shores who have played under our rules have enjoyed it immensely. I have personally heard many bemoan the fact that it isn't done like we do it elsewhere.
In conclusion, the new rules diminish the game, stand to lose Lochac valued members and appear to have been instigated for no rational reason (on the contrary, it has all the hallmarks of a whim). I can see no valid reason for Lochac being required to comply with these regulations, and every reason to formalise an exemption in the SCA-SCAA and SCA-SCANZ affiliation agreements, the Society Marshal's rules and the Kingdom of Lochac Combat Handbook so that, in future, any changes that will affect Lochac's traditions, culture and game play will require ratification through the appropriate Boards of Directors and the Office of the Society Marshal.
Yours in Service,
Baron Gwynfor Lwyd, OP, OLM, OWL, OHB, OPF, OST, AA (and bar), QC, PsC, OKS, BC, OSD, OSC, Baron of the Court of Lochac
mka Peter Ryan - Chairman SCAA Ltd "

Gwynfor Lwyd, Chairman SCAA Ltd, OP, Court Baron, heavy combatant since 1985, marshal since 1985, senior marshal -- Krae Glas

"Having enough archers on a field to actually have to worry about them makes war a significantly different and better experience. "
Miles de Colwell, Heavy and Heavy Marshall -- Rowany

"Light combat has always been important to Arrowsreach and is one reason the group is thriving today. I personally was interested in the SCA originally through the archery trainings held in Arrowsreach and more specifically, getting into armour. I want newer members to not be restricted by new rules which, in my mind, wont make the game much safer given our record of light related injuries. "
Muloc de Pachter, Arrowsreach Reeve and Light Marshal -- Arrowsreach

"My son, grew up in the SCA and was one of the first non contact banner bearers in Lochac back when he turned 14. At 22 he is now both a full contact combatant, and a non contact archer. He enjoys both roles equally. I joined the SCA in my thirties, and it was non contact archery that was my first love in the SCA. Without it I doubt I would have hung around long enough to find all the other things that i now enjoy and participate in in the SCA. "
Mistress Margie of Glen More, OL, OP, Lochac Company of Archers, Senior Marshal, ex Earl Marshal of Lochac, authorised non contact archer -- Shire of Arrowsreach

"i've always wanted to be a light or siege crew 'eventually', but heavy combat has never been an option for me (mostly due to arthritis and joint issues). i also find combat involving mixed classes more visually entertaining (and therefore more likely to draw the more a&s types). "
Emmeline de L'Isle -- Stormhold/Arrowsreach

"Lights are already historically under-represented in our society. Not everyone is willing to take fully contact hits, no matter what the armour standards and these people should not be excluded from our game. "
Guye l'Bastarde, pelican, heavy banner bearer -- mordenvale

"I will train for light combat when my physio says I may. I hope that I will be able to progress to heavy fighting.
Thing is, I have a problem with being hit. It's been done IRL, and I do not know if I will *ever* be able to react well or predictably if struck with a stick.
Perhaps with training and experience as a light, I might gain confidence in the way it all works. I would like to participate as a light on the understanding that I would not be a legitimate target. If being on the field with heavy fighters means that they may hit me by default... well, it's too scary a leap from target archery to full-on heavy combat for me. "

Celsa , Enthusiastic Post-Newbie -- Cairn Fell

"Disabled former Principality Archer. Was in the process of reauthorising light. "
Iestyn ap Cadfael ap Ianto ap Danno ap Richard ap Owen ap Rhys O'er Cwm, Semi retired -- Stormhold/Krae Glas

"This would unnecessarilly exclude people like myself from the war field. I would never have taken the field if the new rules had been in force, and I don't see any reason why we need the change (other than a SEM who has a personal dislike for the variety of combat introduced by light combatants). "
Tristram Rydderch, Currently inactive light, former seneschal College of St Aldhelms -- Politarchopolis

"Whenever I talk to a group of prospective SCA memebrs be it at a meeting or informally I usually get more than a few who until i mention light combat are not interested in the martial side of the sca. Drop light combat and you are shooting yourself in the foot (apologies for the irony of that comment). "
Conrad De Burnett, ex-Seneschal, ex-constable, SCA-in-hiding -- Burnfield

"SCA war (as it is played in Lochac) with non-contact archers, has become an integral part of my annual holidays. I am aware of no reasons / injuries in all of my 11 years of active combat, that justify this increase in minimum requirements & do find it rather disappointing. It ain't broke - don't fix it. "

Hanbal Reis al Barbary, Marshal, Heavy & Light fighter of many years -- Barony of Stormhold & The Flying Ypotryll

"We must continue to allow non contact participants on the war field. Not all of us are willing to, or capable of sustaining the impact of full contact combat. This gives people a "safe" introduction to the field of combat and in many cases bloods those who will be our future - witness my children. I may hate being shot all the time (but then I am a target) and I would regret the loss of our non contact light infantry more! "

Stephen Aldred, Count, Knight, Pelican, Baron Politarchopolis, authorised light and heavy combatant, longstanding marshall -- Politarchopolis

"banner bearering is a fun and enjoyable way to learn what the warfild is about and the rules.
plus being on the warfild is something i looked forward to for lots of years and banner bearing is heaps of fun "

Lord Robert Stoner, Banner Bearer, Boffer combatant and teacher -- Politarchopolis

"In my 20 years in the SCA, Archery has been a binding force in Lochac, and Light combat with its lighter armour and non-contact emphasis has drawn in and encouraged many valuable members both to contribute to the SCA and to participate on the Field. I personally have watched indifferent SCAdians be drawn in and exicted by the ability to compete in a safe, fun non-contact environment, and some go on to be full contact participants, valued officers at local and national levels and also Peers of the Realm. I have NEVER in 20 years seen any evidence that increasing light armour and weapon standards are being driven by a genuine need for safety. Where are the injuries caused by lack of armour? By broken arrows? How is a non-contact person safer wearing elbow and knee cops and extra mass on their head? If we are being "what if?' then Heavies should be in full plate, and wouldn't that kill our sport. "
Geoffrey Jeffries, ex- Light, Heavy, Marshal (assorted), Past group Seneschal, hospitaller, Captain of Archers, SCAA Committee and Chair, Court Baron and danglies -- Barony of Innilgard

"I have been planning to and looking forward to becoming a light. I have chronic fatigue and there for have not a chance of physically managing heavy combat and would always take "archer you are slain". Why should this chance be taken away me and others who have health problem that stop them from partaking in heavy combat but still allow light combat? "
Matilde Hastings, Polit Constable -- Polit and St Aldhelm

"Two of my sons have been banner bearers, Rufus was one of the first 14 year old banner bearers, Robert is still a banner bearer. What else is there for our young teens that will hold their interest and help them feel apart of this society? Banner bearing is one of the safest and most sensible ways of learning about the warfield. Our children take the warfield at sixteen seasoned and safe warriors. "
Mathilde Adycote, Countess, Laurel, Pelican, founding Baroness of Politarchopolis and mother of three sons

"Archery and the opportunity to fight as a non contact archer have been the building blocks for the canton of Cluain and our annual St Johns event. Starting out with an agincourt line where heavies could not get at the lights, we then over the course of events/years have had a number of archers being prepared to come down onto the field. Archers play a great part in making our seige wars and battles a lot more fun than a small group of heavies just beating each other.
Also the participation of non combatants helping with sorting arrows, handing to the marshalls for checking and recycling etc has brought a whole new group into an involvement and interest in whats happening on the field in front of them. If we loose "non contact" archers as a category many of these people will stop all conection with combat activites and we, our game and the society will be the poorer for their lack of participation.
I also reiterate the comments of the Baroness of Southron Guard as I also have a son who is looking forward to the day he can participate as a banner bearer or similar participant to fill in the time until he can try heavy.
In our small battles I haven't seen any problems with non contact combatants and believe the society needs to allow us to continue as before! "

Fulk de Cherbourg, Court Baron, currently knight marshall of Ildhafn, Senior Marshall , siege engineer, heavy -- Ildhafn, Cluain

"I have been an combat archer for over 10 years and in this time the worst injury I have suffered has been bruises. My concern about full contact participation is the possibility of suffering an injury that would affect my ability to earn a living, even for a short period of time. As a craftman I do not relish the idea of being hit by a heavy participant even by accident.I have seen more injuries to heavy fighters than I have to lights (broken/sprained wrists)in all my years of fighting. Another thing to consider is that it brings members of the society that may not normally interact together, and even for a short time create an air of comraderie between them as they fight together during a war. "
Alexander the Potter, Laurel, Baronial Huntsman, Combat Archer (light) -- Politarchopolis

"Although I fought heavy for a few years, my first introduction to combat was fighting light. I would not have tried this at the time if I had to deal with the heavy armour and combat requirements. Fighting light gave me some fabulous moments on the field. Archery has been a key aspect of Lochac combat for many years, and we have defended it before (even against the West). It works well as it is and would lose much if changed. "

Viscountess Baroness Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, OL, OP, QOG, etc -- Politarchopolis

"Light combat adds a wonderful dimension to SCA combat and to events. Quests, hunts and wars are all improved by the presence of archers, who add an extra layer of realism to events. The role of combat archer allows people who might otherwise be unable to participate, to both enjoy and contribute to combat events. People who have joint problems for example, cannot wear the weight of full heavy armour. There is no evidence that combat archery in Lochac in its current form is particularly dangerous and the move to change requirements seems totally unnecessary. "
Mistress Kiriel du Papillon, Order of the Pelican, event organiser -- Drachenwald

"It was by the way of Archery that I came into this wonderful society. Without the option to fight light, I could not have fought in 2 festival wars in my 2 and a half years "serving the dream". Our wars and our game are all the richer for the existance of lights - they should not be allowed to slip away into memory. "
Thomas Brock, Light/Heavy -- Arrowsreach

" To me, the S.C.A., besides being a social avenue, is about encouraging the research and re-enactment of Medieval and Renaissance life, in all its aspects. Barring religious intolerance and the transmission of undesirable diseases, I've always thought any other fields of endeavour were to be nurtured, in the interests of enriching our Medieval experience for all participants, whatever their personal inclination or ABILITY. Many Lights, due to age, physical reasons, or how they feel on a particular day, will not accept the risk of being struck. Do they need to be struck to "kill" them? Not for many years now -- what has changed? Forcing Lights to risk taking Heavy blows will discourage many in the pursuit of their SCA. experience and enjoyment--can we afford to discourage people from participating in the SCA? I hope not. "
Snorri Bloddrekkr or Odinslundi, O.L.; former heavy/light authorised; back in training -- Ynys Fawr

"Light combat is an integral part of my SCA experience. It allows those that cannot for reason of injury, infirmity or personal choice participate in full contact heavy combat. If we lose light combat participant we will lose part of what makes the SCA the SCA - the ability for everyone to participate in an inclusive, not exclusive combat form. Light combat is the breeding ground and often retirement home for many who enjoy mixed combat in the SCA, if we lose this we lose many of our potential new fighters and risk the alienation fo many of our older and wiser ones. To do this will be a tragedy and potentially a disaster for all of us. "
Luan An Fael, Captain of Archers - Shire of Darton, Senior Marshall -- Shire of Darton

"One of my daughters had intended to take the field next Rowany Festival as a light. While I have no problems with the armour standards, I'm not sure neither she, nor I, would like her to be hit. Her younger sister was also looking forward to taking the field bearing our household banner at Festival. There are also two younger siblings (12 and 10) looking forward to their opportunity.
While I suspect the youngest may one day pick up the rattan, I doubt any of my daughters will, and without that ongoing interest, they will drift away from the SCA after they turn 18 (they have shown little interest in any other SCA activity at this stage). "

Adair MacDermid, Seneschal of Politarchopolis, heavy, light-in-training, heavy marshal, father of 16yo light-in-training and 14yo banner-bearer-in-training -- Politarchopolis

"I was once a heavy combatant, but due to a spinal injury had to retire. I am working to rejoining SCA combat as an archer. I am sure there are many who still wish to participate while working their way back from injury.
Eliminating lights restricts participation.
I want to be part of a club that lets people participate as their abilty allows and offers no hinderance. "

Malachi Von Riga -- Mordenvale

"Light combat/banner bearer etc is an option for those who wish to participate in war who cannot due to injury /health/ age etc involve themselves in physical or impact heavy combat. I at one time was in this siutation and found great joy in the return to field as a light & banner bearer and will continue to do both light and heavy in the future. "
Rugen Axegrinder, light and heavy -- Riverhaven

"Milords and ladies, this is folly indeed. I am a heavy fighter, dating back to AS XVIII. There are many who say that knights and heavy fighters are the soul of the Society and I say Aye to that. My main task on the battle-field is to protect my own lights and to destroy opposing ones, lest their cruel missiles cut down my own troops.
This is as it should be. Without lights we are diminished, and the battles diminish also. At festivals we have heavies-only, lights-only and mixed combat. Those who wish for heavy-only combat may have their turn. But there are some, who for reasons of stature, tender years or incapacity, are unable to carry full armour onto the field. Will you deny them their chance to partake of our Dream?
For many years, my household followed our captain Lord Roland Lofhjelm, an archer. So mighty was he in battle that his advice was always sought by the bravest and most war-crafty knights. Remove this, and you remove one of the pillars of our Dream. Do not so, I pray you all. "

Dafydd of the Glens, heavy fighter, Baron Master QOG etc -- Stormhold

"I dont feel comfortable as a heavy fighter and love that there is another option for me to follow as a combatant. I would hate for that avenue to close as I feel that I would not be alone in missing light combat. "
Sapphira of St Monica, light archer -- College of St Monica

"At the moment I choose to be a heavy, but having options later on is always good... After watching <sigh> mixed scenarios at my 1st St George 05' - I loved the tactics, though skirmishes in nature due to numbers, there was nothing like seeing a good sprint to polish off straggling archers... "
Lord Sventa Djaknson, Currently Queens Guard, Heavy and Cluain Reeve -- Canton of Cluain

"Lochac's light combat tradition is the main reason for the involvement of many of the Kingdom's finest gentles. To accept changes such as the ones proposed would be to render our game inaccessible to the new generation and to less confident combatants. This cannot be allowed to happen. "
Tristan d'Avignon, College Seneschal, Heavy/Light in Training -- St Dionysius

"My main activity within the SCA, one of the only things I cannot do outside the SCA. "
Antoinette of St Monica, Light Marshal, heavy authorised, majority light fighter -- Arrowsreach

"This will discourage anyone from becoming lights. Most of our lights at River Haven cannot fight Heavy because of physical problems... why should they? All this has done is stop people doing what they love! "

Colum mac Fheradaigh, Baronial Seneschal -- River Haven

"I live to shoot and defend my king and country. "
Bryce of Arrowsreach, lord,golden noch,light fighter,light marshal,heavy marshal -- Arrowsreach

"these rules are not necasary and will be of more detrement to our game than the soposed saftey that they are ment to increase "
wulfric halvedeivel, heavey fighter, light fighter, authorised marshal -- arrowsreach

"Heavy combat holds little interest for me, but I am interested in taking to the field as a non-contact combatant. "

Mighell ó Séaghdha, archer, planning to be light combatant -- Politarchopolis

"I met my husband on the field of heavy combat sword to sword. Our sons have grown up in the SCA. My youngest son is a heavy fighter like his dad. Both of them fight with light fighters at their sides. My oldest two sons fight as lights. I now watch them fight and do "arrow point" (checking arrows)as I cannot join them on the field as I would have liked to do. To have fought and had to stop gives one only pleasant memories. To be forced to stop is anathema. "
Marit the Wanderer, OP, Baroness, etc.; Agaricus constable & reeve; heavy marshal, light marshal -- Shire of Agaricus

"I would find it a very sad day indeed if non-contact combatants were removed from the battlefield. This would exclude a large proportion of the fighting populace who do not want to become heavy fighters, and also those who are too young to be heavy authorised.
They need to realise that some people do not want to be hit by a heavy, and we should not exclude them because of this. "

Mikel von Kartoffel, Light and rapier combatant -- Innilgard

"I believe the changing of the rules constitutes a betrayal of the intent of the SCA and the values we hold dear. I applaud those who would resist it. "
Simon MacFaolain AOA, OJV, Heavy Fighter, Light, Marshall (Heavy and Light) -- Rowany

"Effective (and I emphasize the word effective) missile combat has been the entry-way for many people who otherwise would never come to a war. I have seen youth get involved in *real* fighting, seen those who never would pick up a sword for fear of injury, seen those who can no longer pick up a sword, all regain their joy from being able to contribute without fear. This is good.
I have borne banners in war as a fully-armored fighter. I have come to those who bore them as "light"s and found a comrade. (I killed them, of course, and took their banner, but they were equals to me in their commitment to their Kings.)
Let us have "lights". "

Frederick of Holland, Duke, Marshal, Dinosaur -- West

" The Lights do a considerable amount to add to the dynamic of our game, whilst I am not a Light myself (not that there is anything wrong with that)I think we would all be the poorer if they were not part of our Kingdom. I really dont understand why this particular issue has been raised yet again. "
Lord Sean The Bastard, Twice voted most unchivalrous heavy fighter in the Principality/Kingdom. Assistant Ranter Extrordinaire to Sir Berenger of Nancy. Married to the very scary Lady Judith of Wellow -- Rowany

"I don't want our wars to degenerate into almost heavy-only melees or include ineffective golf-tube archers. Nor do I want to hit a light. "

Corin Rytsarev, Heavy -- The College of St Monica

"I participate in light combat, as I have always held an avid interest in archery. I have no wish to see the light combat as we know it change or be killed off. "
Gryffon of Abberffraw, Light Combatant, Light Marshal, Target Marshal. -- Bacchus Wood

"Lochac's longstanding practice of Light Missile Combat has an exemplary safety record, and one that due to its use of thin-shafted arrows has allowed us to recreate more historically accurate war conditions. In addition, the lighter armour standards encourage casual participants to try combat for themselves. There is no reason for administrative officers; distant from our populace and ignorant of our cherished traditions, to make such changes without a mandate from our people. "

Sir Gui Landgraf von Oberhausen, Viscount, Knight, Clerk for Lochac Order of Chivalry, Seneschal for Rowany, Assistant Lochac Seneschal for Laws, Marshal -- Rowany

"Having a non-contact participant option enables many more people to join in the combat part of the Society and enriches it for all of us. "
Collette de Harecourt, Light Fighter, Light Marshal, Heavy Fighter -- Innilgard

"Due to medical reasons, archery is the only way I can participate in combat. I have tried heavy fighting and it just doesn't work.
Archery makes war more realistic and fun, keeping the numbers of archers participating at their current level is important. These new rules do nothing to encourage anyone to do anything but step off the field. "

Belladonna DeMarco, Light, College member -- Politarchopolis

"newcomers like to participate and while some of them would love to take part in heavy combat they often struggle with the expense. being able to take the field as a light allows these people to participate in our group. Also not everyone's health allows them to participate in heavy combat and I think it isimportant that are inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible. I have been in the SCA for ten years and I have always enjoyed watching a mixed combat. I would be sad to see this change. "

Terese de La Maunche, Chatelaine, Cook -- Barony of Southron Gaard

"Changing minimum armour requirements will provide more protection- that is true. But protection from what? Not siege, not other archers, but specifically from heavy combatants. Where is basis for a need to land a blow? "
Eirikr the Eager, Chirurgeon, Heavy, Rapier-in-training -- Ynys Fawr

"Light combat was one of the main activites that initially built Stowe, taking the active participants from 5 people to 45 people in a year, and made it good. Most of those people are still light combatants, most of them are active, contributing populace of Stowe. We wouldn't dedicate a yearly event to the celebration of Agincourt's archers if light combat wasn't important to us. "

Fineamhain an Einigh inghean Ui Chonchobhair, Court Baroness, Siege Engineer, proud supporter of all of Stowe's combatants -- Canton of Stowe-on-the-Wowld

"I have no problem with improving safety for our participants, but that doesn't seem to be the reason for these changes. It is getting more and more obvious that our society is getting too big to give individual society officers the power to make changes that affect so many people across the international society without any international controls. Maybe it is time we have a serious look at implementing a SCA International Inc, where SCA Inc (US) is one of several incorporations. "

Sir Asbjorn Pedersen Marsvin, member of the chivalry, member of the Pelican, founding baron Ildhafn, etc. Shire of Darton, Lochac. Aka Martin Forest SCANZ Inc committee member. -- Shire of Darton, Lochac

"As I've been fascinated by archery for as long as I can remember, it was a natural thing to take up fighting light (and I've only just started). I have no desire to fight heavy, and am very aprehensive about the possibility of being hit by one (I am a musician/music teacher, and NEED my hands in one piece!), and chances are that this will deter me from being on the field at all. "

Meg the Unsteady, Authorised Light -- Rowany

"Perth, Western Australia has a very strong Metal Weapons Group, The Grey Company, Which I started in. The Grass on the Other Side had Combat Archery, and Thus was Greener. If the Grass Dies, then So do I. "
Jochen Schwalbe, Heavy, Light, Rapier, Seneschal of Incipient Shire -- Incipient Shire of Angellus Ad Meridium

"I view non-contact combat format as the only format suitable for me "

Nataliya of Southron Gaard, Lady in Waiting at SG Baronial Court, Archer in training -- Southron Gaard

"My main concern is the removal of the non combative aspect to the rules. If forces those that are unable to be willing to take a hit (because of medical etc) to stop participating as the onus is on them and it can not be guarenteed that they will seeing an approaching opponent and thus yield in time. "
Dafydd ap Iorwerthap Rhodri de dana, OP, retired heavy/fencer/marshal -- Stormhold

"Last time they tried to take away wooden arrows from Lochac combat I sent back my white belt. I am running out of peerages to throw in the face of the BoD so please leave Lochac's war rules alone shall we? Never interfere with a system that works. "

Reynardine de Clifford, Viscount -- Free Company of St George of Burgundy

"Many people fight light in Lochac either as a starting point or with no intention of fighting heavy. I know much enjoyment is had by the archers of Lochac and I am proud we have them. They would be a sad loss. "
Elayne Montjoye, Laurel, Viscountess -- Stormhold

"I can think of nothing to say here that would not be considered either rude or hysterical - suffice to say that I (and I imagine many others), are not at all happy about being told that our participation in this sport is not as important as others, merely because we use different weapons to them. "
Aeddan ap Andraes, Light, inactive rapier combatant, heavy-in-training -- Canton of Cairn Fell

"My first experience with the SCA was 14 years ago, when a friend introduced me to festival. I believe at the time Lights were almost non-existant or experimental, and as such, I chose not to participate in combat as I had no desire to be hit with a Rattan weapon. The next time I attended Festival, I took one look at the arrows they were using at the time, and decided that this still wasn't a hobby I was willing to participate in.
My latest introduction to SCA Combat Archery however hooked me. Whilst I was initially only going to help House Drakkar out by being an on field Cameraman, when I saw the great improvements that Lochac had made in Combat Archery, I really wanted to take part (It was the guilt of backing out of being their cameraman that caused me to do the website for House Drakkar).
Now, I am a Drakkar Novice, attempting to participate actively in Combat Archery, and Target Archery, and training to be Authorised for Spring War. It was Lochac's Archery rules that finally convinced me to become active in the SCA after 14 years of just toying with the idea. Now they are changing again...
Is it for the better? I'm not so sure. I have spent a minor fortune, contributing to the houses common finances, buying material for Garb, Armour, bow's and other equipment for myself. Whilst for me, a full time worker, this isn't much of a problem, I do think that adding to what Newbies need to get on the field even just for training sessions could seriously impact on Uni Students, and those with families. Those are the people who keep the SCA going, as they bring in friends, and family as well. Don't turn SCA combat into something that can't be easily afforded by anyone. "

Sven inn kyrri, Attempting to Authorise Light. -- House Drakkar, Rowany

"SCA combat rules should be about safety. There is no safety issue here, only the enforcement of personal preferrence on people who do not share it. Many have said that Lochac will lose its archers if these rules are enforced; I say that we will keep our archers - the SCA will lose Lochac first. "

Robert Gascard, light/heavy/siege for 11 years, grant of arms in the Lochac Company of Archers -- Rowany

"First off I have to say that I truly believe there can be no war for us to enjoy if there aren't any Lights.
I can see no reason for the changes as the issue is this simple, do the existing armour requirements protect Light combatants? The answer - Yes. If Lights are being felled left and right from combat injuries then, and only then, consideration should be given to fixing the problem. At present, the changes expected are unnecessary and could significantly cripple the numbers of people playing that we currently have. "

Heinrich Maximillian von Hesse, Former Baronial Marshal, currently Deputy Baronial Marshal -- Politarchopolis

"The wiping out of non-contact participants that the rest of the SCA world appears intent on bodes badly. The changes indicate that archers (and other non-contact players) will have extra armour requirements for no actual benefit, and quite likely a loss in effectiveness. I fear that the new cumbersome armour requirements for lights might reduce the number of people giving light combat a go, thus reducing the flocks of archers on our battlefields. We would loose those who enjoy our wars but just don't want to be hit by heavy weapons: many of them older fighters, women and people who just plain value their fingers or bows. War in Lochac is a wonderful sport, and archery is what makes it so. "
Master Crispin Sexi, Order of the Laurel, former chair of the SCAA, authorised heavy -- Politarchopolis

"I have fought heavy and found no problems with lights or with the current Lochac armour rules. The Lochac rules have worked well and safely for the more than 20 years I have been active in the Society and I am at a loss to understand why a simple and safe set of tested rules is to be overturned when all that's needed by those who don't like non-contact is to organise contact-only scenarios. "
Silfren the Singer, Rapier marshal, Guildmaster of the Lochac Guild of Defence, Court Baroness -- Rowany

"having the choice to take to the war field as a heavy or light really makes for a fun event. if its to hot or i am not in the mood to play heavy / heavy siege crew then i simple place a plume on my helment and reach for my bow and off i go to enjoy a day of shooting those who are in the mood :) "
Edmund Alekonner, Heavy Marshal, Siege Marshal, Light Marshal. Baron -- Polit

"Because of some medical issues, the only way I could initially get on the battlefield was as a non-contact banner bearer. Now I'm all healthy again, I've recently taken up heavy fighting. Never would've happened without that experience on the field. "
Isíbéal inghean Chorcráin, banner bearer, heavy in training -- Castle Saburac

"Being epileptic, taking full blows to the head just isnt an option for me, if non-combat lights are abolished I will be unable to take part in SCA battles at all.
Also, being part of a small college, in which most of our members are students, the extra cost outlay will prevent some of our members taking part in battles, and may discourage those interested in fighting from joining our college. "

Trish of the Neck, Chatelaine of St. Kessog -- St. Kessog

"It is of great concern to me that an entire class of participants can be dismissed so easily, with so little consultation. It may have been done legally, but it truly goes against the spirit of our affiliation agreements - we in Lochac are partners in the SCA, not subordinates!
I believe this process has been less than transparent, and while presumably it will serve some purpose, that purpose is not of benefit to the populace of Lochac. I would ask that the people who have implemented this rule put aside their own opinions and agendae and consider both the safety record and the wishes of our kingdom's light fighters. "

Marienna Jensdatter, Founding Baroness Ildhafn, OP, OL, SCA(NZ) Registrar, deputy kingdom lists (NZ) -- Darton

"Started as a light and would like others to have the same chance. "
Duncan Kerr, THL heavy/light combatant heavy marshal -- Southron Gaard

"Coming from Ealdormere, I can only say how much I appreciate the use of Lights and Combat Archery here in Lochac, and it has made me want to get re-authorised and involved in fighting again. It makes war scenarios much more interesting to watch, something that can be attested by the many who crowd to watch them here, something I rarely saw at home. "
Kateryna Bouland de Lancastre, Baronial MoAS, Former Heavy, now heavy back in training -- Rowany

"It's not a real war without light archery. "
Ædward Stædefaste, Duke, Knight, Marshall, Deputy Kingdom Marshall for Heavy Combat -- Rowany

"While I personally intend to fight as a heavy archer as soon as time permits, I initially took the field as a light because it was a fighting style which suited me. Without the ability to take the field as a non-contact combatant, I doubt I would have experienced half of the fun I have in the SCA today. "
William de Cameron, Seneschal, Barony of Ildhafn. Heavy/light/rapier marshal, active light and rapier combatant.

"I am just getting into combat after a number of years in the society and felt that I would be interested in fighting light to start with, and then go on to heavy if I felt comfortable with that, I would not consider fighting heavy to start with nor would I like it if this was the only way I could fight. "
Lord Michelet de Saint Claire, Tavern Keep -- Barony of Southron Gaard

"For many years I have thrilled to the sight of my consort charging across fields barking orders at his heavy and light infantry, seeing the swift flight of arrows crashing into units and giving his infantry a moment of confusion in which to press their attack to advantage ...
More than making SCA combat interesting, exciting and better, light combat has allowed many of the young people that I mentor to take the field, whether children banner bearing or Collegians with bows. My older friends rely on light combat to take to the field without worrying that bruises will slow them down with their toddlers that night. Lochac is a Kingdom built on inclusivity; as are many others - West. Drachenwald and An Tir at least will all be badly affected by this decision.
The ruling does not improve safety, it does not improve periodicity, it does not improve inclusion. It does pander to the prejudices of the few. This is a poor decision, based on bad premises, and it will have a large negative effect on the Kingdoms I love most.
Personally, I'm training heavy so that I can meet the jokers who lobbied at Society level for this and smack them upside the head. But that's just personal satisfaction, not good policy. "

Yolande Kesteven, Duchess, OL, Politician of the useful variety, heavy in training -- Rowany

"The point which I feel most strongly about and which I think cannot be refuted is that these changes are _not necessary_. If there is no good reason to implement them, they shouldn't be policy. I have seen many statements saying that the armour rules will be trivial to implement but nothing yet saying why we should. "

Bethan of Brockwood, Active light, inactive heavy, Pelican -- Rowany

"In Lochac, and particularly in the Crescent Isles, our battles are small enough already without increasing the barriers to entry.
Light combat is particularly popular among the ladies of Lochac, and I think forcing them to build and wear heavy armour, and allowing them to be struck with heavy weapons would mean that fewer of them took up the challenge. The SCA has been more of a social than a re-enactment experience for me, and reducing the count of ladies on the battlefield, and those sharing in the comraderie before and afterwards, would be something I wouldn't want to see happen.
I'm sure there are much better reasons for retaining light combat and non-combatants in Lochac (primarily, that many people have put a lot of time, effort and money into this form of combat over the years and derive much joy from it), but this is one factor that matters to me even as a heavy who doesn't necessarily appreciate getting shot at. "

Vincent de Dijon, Heavy fighter -- Southron Gaard

"Lochac's light combat has proven for many years to be an effective, fun, and above all safe avenue for participation for a great many players of our game.
The presence of light archers is an integral part of war combat in Lochac, without it we are all the poorer whether heavy or light. "

William de Wyke, Southron Gaard knight marshal, heavy marshal, founding director, SCANZ -- Southron Gaard

"If it weren't for Lochac Archery combat rules, I would probably no longer be involved in the SCA, House Accipiter would almost certainly not exist, and the SCA, Lochac and the Barony of Politarchopolis in particular would be the poorer for it. "
Alessandro Von Florenz, Baron of Politarchopolis, GofA Light, Heavy/Light, Heavy/Light Marshal, Order of the Rapier, Rapier Marshal

"While I have no personal interest in being a non-contact combatant, I believe this is a very valid pasttime for the old, the young and the frail.
I enjoy the diversity that our archers add to our battlefields and believe they will be a lesser place with even a few less archers. "

Sir Inigo Missaglia, Knight of Lochac, Baron of Ildhafn, Armourer, Marshall & Heavy -- Barony of Ildhafn

"If it weren't for Lochac light combat rules, neither I nor my family would have stayed involved in the SCA for the past 15 years.
More importantly, in the past two years, Southron Gaard has waged a very active recruitment and re-engagement campaign with a significant emphasis on accessible light activities, such as siege warfare and archery. As a result, in the past three months alone, our SCA membership climbed by 50%.
Could we have run such a successful campaign under the combat rules the SEM would like us to apply?
No. "

Bartholomew Baskin, Baron of Southron Gaard, Heavy/Light, Heavy Marshal, Light Marshal, Argent Arrow (Caid)

"We've spent the last year struggling to get our eldest son Lord Dickon to come along to events
-- he's not old enough to fight heavy; the softer boffer stuff is a bit too babyish for him now and we're only just getting the super-boffer format sorted.
About the only thing that's kept his interest is the idea that he can banner bear at St Caths in November, as he'll be 14 by then. It's also the only reason we're taking the whole family to Ildhafn for that.
Our other children, Lord Pippin and Grace, may not have the chance to banner bear on the field at all, and their lives will be the poorer for it in a whole host of ways, not just the combat aspect alone.
And my heart goes out to young Lady Tammaly of Arrowsreach at Festival. She led Southron Gaard's team in the boffer tourney in the previous year, and was old enough to go on the field and banner bear this time. When she came off she was practically walking on air. I congratulated her and her smile stretched all the way across the camp. I'm sure she wouldn't be the only one to be hurt by this change...

katherine kerr, SCA mother of future fighters...maybe..."

katherine kerr of the Hermitage, Baroness of Southron Gaard, OP, Light (Southron Gaard)

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