Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!
Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!
Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!

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The 264 comments below are by signatories to the Fiat Lux Declaration from the Kingdom of Lochac or elsewhere. (To reduce page size, the first 200 Fiat Lux comments have been moved. Don't miss them!)

"Thus they let the lights of
Lochac glint unsplintered,
Plume is bonny banner
Borne by marching archers.
Fear not coming combat
Changes writ by strangers,
Pen of Marshal manned the
Mighty sword-storm rightful. "

Finnr of St Kessog, Bard -- St Kessog

"For god's sake, we went through all this ten years ago! Why does it have to be so difficult, folks?"

Sven the Stormdriven, OP, etc., third Baron of Stormhold; ex-Knight Marshal of Lochac -- Krae Glas

"I was Rowany marshall for many years, and Festival Marshall 5 or 6 times I think. At one stage I was the most experienced war marshall in Lochac by far. Lights are noble fighters who choose to fight as such, or perhaps cannot fight as heavies due to physical restraints. It would be plain discrimination to remove lights from the field, as well as an obvious lack of courtesy and chivalry to merely brush aside such a large and noble tradition within our shores. I have fought this type of fight against arrogant repression many times in the past, it will go on into the future, rearing it's head once more. We have succeeded in the past, we can do so again. "
LLewen the Unruly, Ex-Laurel, current rank of Lord I think -- Rowany

"I have fought as both a light and as a heavy, and they are two totally different experiences. They are however both excellent fun, and all they need to work together successfully is a little care and thought from both sides. The removal of non contact participants from the game removes the necessity for either of the above. Now that's what I call dangerous. "
Maeve ni Iasachta, AoA, OST, ORL, Rowany Chronicler, Dance teacher, un-current light and heavy -- Rowany

"I am afraid that this will eliminate combat archery and siege as well. Many of our siege engineers are non-contact combatants, and we recruit most of our siege crew from folks that would not otherwise step into a battlefield. This is an issue that affects all of us, combat archers and siege engineers as well. "
Baroness Belphoebe de Givet, Siege Marshal and combat archer -- Barony of Ponte Alto

"While I appreciate and support the fact that the BOD should follow it's own rules, I am also greatly disturbed by the overall movement in the SCA to which this seems to be pointing. When you require that everyone on a field be armored and authorized you are saying that the heavy fighters have thrown chivalry out the window and are so consumed by power, blood lust and adrenalin as to be unable to control themselves enough to identify their target. Heavy fighters should be insulted. The fact that the individuals who arbitrarily made this law for the entire Society ignored their own rules to do so suggest that the consummation by power, blood lust and adrenalin begins much higher up the ladder than the list field. I realize that this grassroots movement is about respect and following your own rules. I also hope that it will herald a return to chivalry in the SCA. "
Aelfwyn Elswith, 20 yr member, many roles -- Crois Brigite, Atlantia

"My career as a heavy-in-training ended when I pulled the great tendon in my right forearm, but you pull a bow with your back, not your arms. While I've never yet actually mananged to become a combat archer, I feel it is something I could do easily with a little effort. If these new regulation stand, I know I never will be able to do comat archery when time allows, and that thought saddens me greatly. "
Yseult de Lacy, Laurel, former archer -- Dismal Fogs

" This is nothing other than an attempt to wipe out combat archery. To bring in these rule changes under the guise of a 'safety upgrade' is completely ludicrous. These changes would cause me to fear for my personal safety on the field to the point where I will choose to cease being an active combatant. Like many others, I have reasons why I do not wish to be struck with a heavy weapon, and since there is no way these new rules can guarantee I will not be deliberately struck by a heavy combatant who has not realised my intention to yield, I am left with no other choice but to lay down my bow. Which is, I suspect, the desired result for those who designed these new rules. I have always felt safe on the field under our current rules, and I fail to see how these new ones are an improvement on safety standards. Destroying light combat not only decreases the diversisty of the SCA, but may well represent a real threat in terms of membership numbers for the future. I've lost count of how many newbies have expressed rapid enthusiasm at the idea of combat archery. If we no longer have this drawcard, those ethusiastic newbies are lost to us forever, potentially along with many long term members and all they contribute to the SCA as a whole. "
Laufey, Long term active Light, Light Marshal, Heavy Marshal, AOA -- Innilgard

"I've been in the SCA for 20 years this year. I only fought as an archer for a few of those, but they were important years, and important experiences, for me. I fought light when I was princess - it helped me get to know people in groups all round Lochac, and meant that both halfs of the Crown could be on the field at once in battles. It increase the camaraderie and friendship for everyone, and brought me, personally, many friends. It's not just the lights who benefit from the fact that they can participate in some of the most important - and fun - activities the Society has to offer. "
VIscountess Eleanor Lytylhalles, OL -- Stormhold

"I'm a pretty new member and would love to take part in battles. However, if there is no option apart from full-contact fighting then I probably not take part. "
Emilio de Batista -- Southron Gaard

"I know many individuals who would stop fighting if these rules are enforced. In addition I know many people who would not have started fighting and even have joined the SCA without the noncontact nature of Light Fighting "
Alasdhr MacGillEthain of Duart , Seneschal of Cairnfell, future Seneschal of Stormhold, Heavy, Marshal -- Cairnfell, Stormhold

"The "game" in places like Lochac is more "period" with regular size arrows and the use of Bows and Crossbows and the opportunity of more balanced armies. The system is tested and works well. The onus of responsibility should remain with the combatant to be in control and should not be shifted onto the person being "hit". Since safety is a big issue don't wreck what works. Keeping a diversity of interests is impotant for the long term success of the SCA. Keep the fun in the "game" as well as the safety. "
Anselm de Calabria, Deputy Marshal Light -- Barony of Ynys Fawr

"One day I hope to fight light - I'm currently busy growing my family, and making sure my children don't join their father on the warfield! Once they are big enough, I'd like to leave them with the water bearers and have a go at this archery thing. Being hurt by someone who is killing me is not something I am prepared to deal with, and so these changes would prevent me discovering another facet of the SCA - one which I might enjoy. For many lights currently being hit is simply not a option - they might go blind, or damage their back, or blow out a knee, or get kidney failure. The wonder of this game is that many people of differing health, fitness and boofiness are able to play it, and defend their local group in times of war as best thy can. If Lochac is unable to maintain its non-contact exemptions, our armies will be diminished and our Kingdom will probably lose many of its citizens. Why? Because the call to arms is very strong and without it ex-light fighters will drift away. And what of the banner bearers? No army wants to lose a competant fighter to their banner when a non-fighter can hold it just as high. And how exciting for a 14-year-old to take to the field for their group, knowing they are providing a rallying point for their troops. Let Lochac keep her differences - it will ensure a stronger Kingdom, and give visiting non-Lochac fighters new and exciting ways to die. "
Sabine de Bernewelle, Editor - Cocaktrice (the Lochac Arts and Scineces Magazine), Alefoundre Herald, Chronicler for my Barony, ex-Hospitaller (light combat was a real selling point). -- Barony of Mordenvale

"I have fought in all of the 3 combat forms of the SCA, and I believe that they should be open to all who would participate. Such restrictions, as proposed would limit the field especially with regard to those combatants who for medical reasons cannot participate as contact combatants, and I believe that this would be a detriment to the Kingdom and Society in general. "
Henry Fox, Don, Guild Master of Defence, Court Baron -- St Florian de la Riviere

"Lochac is a heavily light-oriented Kingdom, and for myself and a large portion of the heavies within Mordenvale (I would say between 40% and 50%) light combat was an easy was of being introduced to the fun and excitement of war without the difficulties associated with heavy combat. Putting such restrictions upon archers as have been proposed will almost certainly significantly impact recruiting within our Barony and within the wider Kingdom. "
Thomas Baccus, Barony Deputy Marshal -- Mordenvale

"I have been fighting war since I joined the SCA in 1997. Combat archery was one of the reasons I was so interested in joining and combat is still one of the best things I do. It is a lot of fun the way we do it in Lochac. I have no issues with the armor requirement but have severe issues with the possibility of lights being struck by heavies. Lochac combat archery and noncombatants form an integral part of our unique culture. We are safe and well run. If it isn't broken why change? "

Gabrielle of the marshes, Captain of fence Polit, ex seneschal St Aldhelm, light, -- StAldhelm, Polit

"We have just got a grant to help our light fighters from our student union. This is a way that new student members can take part in battles! Please do not take that away from us Poor Students at the bottom-most part of our Kingdom of Lochac! "

Avril of Didham, Recent Seneschal -- St Kessog Proto College

"The proposal to try and force full contact acceptance on all combatants will prove to be counterproductive. As an older member of the populace, non-contact is the only potential avenue for me to be able to participate at that level. As a mother who has had sons who have been in training, and one who is authorised heavy but who is currently unable to fight due to a back injury, the idea of forcing full contact is much less appealing at least until they are older. The proposal would also ensure that he is not able to return to fighting, and therefore probably not the SCA, as he like many other young ones isn't good at looking on from the sidelines. I believe that it is in the interests of the SCA and its longterm development to provide as many and varied opportunities for participation by all ages, genders, and levels of capability as possible. Banner bearers are both an entry point for young fighters, and an integral part of the recreation of period and in particular the appealing ambience that attracts new potential members. I can't see that there is any real justification for the proposed change on the grounds of 'period' evidence. In my opinion, any changes that it more difficult/expensive for people to participate in fighting activities will only encourage the number of people who look outside of the SCA for opportunities to participate in period style combat. "
Cairistiona inghean Raghnaill, Pelican -- Bordescros

"I don't understand the motivation for the changes when the existing light combat rules work so well. Being a plumed non contact combatant is a wonderful way for people to participate who either don't want to be hit or who may have good reasons not to be hit. I think the society as a whole will lose if these people are forced out of combat. "
Ysabella Vitale, Captain of the Huntsmen, TAM -- Politarchopolis

"For all the ranting these days about period-ness what is more period than an archer?I used to really dislike lights until my dad (who has back problems after a nasty fall when he was younger) took my shield into the tavern and put a bounty on my head. A beer for any archer who shot me . Yes I learned my lesson. "
Lady Adeline de Montfort, AOA, ORoli,Head of Lochac Cooks Guild and heavy planning on re-authorising -- Agaricus

"I have had 9 Retina detatchments and am now totally blind in one eye. As long as I was generaly safe from being hit I could take the chance and enter the feild. Now, there is no hope of me ever going out there again. "
Maighstir Pedair MacPharlain na Cluain Bige, OP, Former Light, Trainer of Lights, On Field Herald, etc -- Stormhold

"We are a very small group, and fighting light is the only option available to two of our members, as they have medical issues. {See comments made by Damien WhiteSpear for further details of one.} For myself, I suffer from an old eye injury that, whilst it does not prevent any activities (either heavy or light), does occasionally cause the most shocking headaches. On those days I just do not want to be hit in the head, but I could fight light (once trained) and still provide a valuable contribution. Under the new changes, I would not be able to do that. "
Col WhiteSpear, Chronicler, Herald, Assistant Reeve, Heavy, Marshal-in-Training, Light-in-Training -- Incipient Shire of Radburne

"I was Lochac's first marshal, 4th Knight, been shot at by archers for 22 years but I still like them and wish various rule changes had not robbed them of their effectiveness and discouraged their participation. Lights add tactics to wars that dictate how a battle is fought. To command lights well is to win wars and when lights outnumbered heavies 2 to 1 they dominated the battlefield. Lochac will lose more lights and our wars will be less fun, less authentic and less safe because of this change. When I was Baron Rowany I published from memory the war rules for Festival and Duke Fabian, then King of the West said Lochac could use whatever target areas it liked as long as we followed the 5 yard rule for slaying lights. That was to him the 1 safety rule that could not be changed. 26 years I have been a member and only changes to light rules have every strained Lochac's relationship with the West. Now we have our own Kingdom but again we find light rule changes imposed for outside. Action from Lochac got Orange triagles scrapped by the BOD and plumes accepted. The BOD may be our best hope. Yours in Service. Torg o' Hawkhurst "
Sir Torg o'Hawkhurst Knight, Pelican, Baron, Baron of Rowany 5 years, Co author of the Lochac Light infantry rules, -- Rowany

"I started out as an archer simply because it looked like fun. Over the years I have kept at combat archery for the same reason - it's fun. I creates a more 'real' aspect to SCA combat and thus far has run smoothly. Pennisc War for all its benefits misses out on this combat, one that sets us apart from the rest - for the better. Changing rules without consulting locals for cause and effect seems to be an ill thought out plan of action... 'why re-invent the wheel if it is working just fine' 'why fix it if it is not broken' "

HL Baron Master Brusi of Dragonvale, light and heavy fighter, marshal (both), former Principality Archer of Lochac, West Kingdom Ambassador to Lochac -- Arrowsreach

"As a person with a disability light fighing allows me to enjoy the combat side of the SCA and encourages my children to take part, the new changes will remove me from the field, and remove my family from many of the war only events that happen in our Kingdom. "
Lady Dominica de Zeragoza, Light fighter -- Mordinvale

"In this Kingdom we have a way of avoiding blows to light combatants that works. We have been demonstrating this for decades. We also have a greater variety of tactics in our wars, and the resultant fun, due to the significant number of light participants. Non-contact combat archery, siege weaponry and, for our younger members, banner bearing, greatly increase the number of people able to participate in any war in our widely scattered kingdom and keep up support for this foundation SCA activity. Younger people often choose to widen their combat activity after gaining experience as a light. Older people and those that have acquired some disability that precludes heavy combat are able to continue to take the field with their comrades. If we are forced to comply with a different set of rules many of us will drop out of combat activities. It will lower the level of interest in combat throughout the Kingdom. Some people will leave the SCA altogether if this was their primary activity. Many who might previously been attracted to the Society by this enjoyable but easier to start activity may never join. Finally, a point I have not yet heard mentioned. In Lochac under the current rules a heavy who is close enough to kill a light is required to indicate a specific light and inform them clearly that they have been slain. This represents the time that it would actually take to perform such an act. I can not believe that our contact combatants truly wish to be equipped with a pretend area-of-effect death ray, like a character in a role-playing campaign, so they can kill multiple lights just by approaching them. This rule sounds like it was conceived in a Kingdom where they never see more than a couple of archers at a time in any one part of the field. It's not like that here. It is, no doubt, only hurt and frustration that has lead some to speculate the changes to the rules are intended make it so. Please don't let those people think that that's true. Leave us our lights! "
Lady Joanna of the Beechwoods, ORL, PF, Light, Dance Teacher and Musician -- Politarchopolis

"Why change what works well? These changes diminish the safety, enjoyment and participation of our game for the sake of beaurecracy!! If we are different then lets stay different and be proud. If our laws can be changed without our knowledge or choice then the society has lost the honour, chivalry, respect and freedom that are it's most valued qualities and what got me hooked in the first place. Shame on those who would place themselves above and before others for the sake of their ideals. "
Avery of the Wode, Shire Constable, want to be light and heavy -- Torlyon

"I've lived (and fought) in parts of the Known World where the fighters were little better than a carbuncle attached to the rest of the group by a thin connective tissue of girlfriends and wives. (I can also remember when fighting with a *spear* was looked at with suspicion -- because they "complicate things", and because spears can hit you when you're too far away to hit back -- how unchivalrous!) When I first came to Lochac, I was a little disoriented, because I couldn't immediately spot the fighters. The cooks and the embroiderers and the skinny college girl in the crushed velvet Maid Marian gown all got into kit and were out there having a grand old time. Whole *families* get stuck in, gleefully slaughtering each other. That camaraderie that you feel toward your fellow fighters when you come sweating off the field ? Imagine that feeling spread around to another 50%-70% of your local group. You shouldn't be making rules against what they're doing here; you should be figuring out how to get the Lochac rules implemented where *you* are. You can still have your white-bread heavies-only scenarios if you like -- they still do here -- but I don't see how changing the rules so that all bread must be white is meant to somehow be in service to the SCA. "
Kazimira Suchenko, tried most things at least once, including fighting heavy -- Shire of Darton

"I played for a long time before I took up combat of any type - heavy combat doesn't interest me. I play light and siege, because it gives me a chance to contribute to the group on the war field and have some fun. Lose the archers, lose the fun. "
Sigmund Spelmann, archer, siege crew, light, Cordon Rouge Herald -- Politarchopolis

"We have at least one person in our small group (about 10) that is medically unable to be a full-contact combatant. This person is also a minor, and keen to engage in some way in the combat aspects of our game. If he can't be a light, he and possibly his family may lose interest - a scenario I suspect will be echoed in a few places around Lochac. Additionally, I'm really looking forward to getting out there myself and having a go as soon as I can. "
Damien Whitespear, Heavy-in-training, light-in-training, marshal-in-training, Shire Reeve -- Incipient Shire of Radburne

"I believe what we do on the field should be for as many people as possible, and although it is important to remember that this is not for everyone (as rockclimbing or being an astronaut isn't for everyone) there is no need to exclude more people from having fun than possible. Light archery have worked fine in Drachenwald for many years, and since Lochac have a long tradition of light archers I see no reason to impose unwanted changes to you. "
Count Padraig Gliadrach O'Ceallaigh, KSCA, former regional marshal of Nordmark, Heavy and Fencing Marshal -- Shire of Juneborg, Principality of Nordmark, Kingdom of Drachenwald

" I started SCA when the group here in Hamilton NZ, was called cloudy river, we were well known for our light combat, indeed we had 2 heavies and 7 lights, my first taste of combat was training slow-work under archer-fire. it brings a whole new dimention to your heavy combat, sure some people dont like the worry of small,fast objects "killing" you with all your hard training and skill, fine fight in scenarios where there are no lights or in tourneys. I have found my most beneficial and fun combats have been mixed and it keeps you on edge as you advance, ducking arrows or catching them on your shield. I most certainly will encourage my son to fight light until old enough to fight heavy (if he even wants to fight heavy) "
Lord Baxton du Glonn (john buckstan de glonn), Squire to Sir Inigo Missaglia, militiaman Ildhafn, Company of St. George, Head of the Household Duglonn, heavy fighter of 11yrs or so, archer -- Canton of Cluain, Ildhafn

"I thououghly enjoy watching a good seige war, with archers as we have at St John's in Cluain and would hate to see such good wars threatened. "
Consatance de Coligny, Spectator of mixed and siege combat!! -- Cluain

"Archery was the way I joined the society, and I love it. Archery has a special place on the war field in Lochac, and there has been no reason to destroy a bueatiful system that I can see. I encourage anybody in the process of changing the rules to reconsider their actions as they will made the society less. "
Lorccan Ruadh, Captain of Acrchers Politarchropilos, Rapier combatant and marshal, Target Archery Marshal and Period Participant, Light Combatant. -- Politarchropilos

"In 24 years I have had no problems with the light combat rules in Lochac. I personally know of several fighters who will not be able to cope with the new standards. On their behalf and for my own enjoyment of the game, let there be lights. "
Raymond of Annan, OP, Senior marshal of 24 years standing, heavy and light fighter -- Agaricus

"What is so wrong with the USA groups that they have to try and take away what we have enjoyed? We don't try telling them what to do why should they try to tell us how we should play the game. It is a game after all. The USA branches should lighten up and look to making their groups better and stop trying to tell other groups how to play. "
Elswyth of Bery, member -- Ynys Fawr

"This issue has also been formally raised to the Society Seneschal within my latest quarterly report which specifically references this web site. Regards Emrys "
Emrys Tudor, Lochac Kingdom Seneschal -- Ildhafn

"Without the lights no War would be worth participating in "
Sir Robert Gordon, Marshal -- Rowany

"Light combat is a great training ground, easier to start the next generation (children)of players/fighters, It adds character to battles(very funny watching a heavy trying to run from lights or visa versa) it's fun to watch and it's NOT fencing. "
Raichbhe Walkman, no rank -- Rowany

"The first time I took to the field as an archer, I was - to be honest - terrified, even though I knew I would not be hit. How many potential combatants will be scared away completely by the thought of being struck by some fearsome heavy fighter? The removal of light combatants from the field of battle may greatly reduce fighter numbers and prevent many people from enjoying the sport. I think that would be a sad loss. "
Gareth Robertson, Light Archer -- Cluain

"By introducing the rules that eliminates light combatants this will immediately exclude a number of the populace from the war field, prdominately teenagers, women and older men and this would have an immediate drop-off effect. By excluding these valued members of the populace you discourage the younger members from entering combat and force women into an arena where they may not feel as safe as they have previously felt on the war field, where they will be forced to choose whether they will allow themselves to be struck with a weapon or discontinue their participation in combat. These rules also discriminate against older members of the society who may not be able to participate in heavy combat any longer for a variety of reasons, and such close the door to an enjoyable pastime that some members of the society have contributed to for many years. While these rules may be well intended and suit a number of our cousins from across the sea they will only serve to do Lochac a disservice, driving from the war field the young, the meek and the mature – those amongst the most valued members of Our Society. "
Katherne von Risna, former college seneschal -- Rowany

"The Lochacian system of light combat is an excellent one which I personally envy. Although I have tries hard to understand arguments offered by esteemed colleagues, I see no merit in restricting it in Lochac, or in restricting light combattants anywhere. "
Athestan Of Wortham, Earl Marshal, Drachenwald; but speaking privately here -- Turmstadt, Drachenwald

"When I joined four and a half years ago, I was just beginning university studies on the other side of the continent from my home, but was passionate about getting involved in combat. I knew that I could not get heavy equipped and authorised in time for the next war, but after a couple of days hard work in the engineering student workshop and with a bundle of loaner gear I took to the field at Rowany Festival. At that event, and subsequent such for the next 2 years, I heartily enjoyed the freedom of light infantry skirmishing, the troop mobility, the requirement of tactical flexibility it generates and the levelling it provides. Since time and money are such strong constraints to collegians, it is my fervent wish that light infantry activities remain within the purview of the SCA, since it allows far more people to take the field than ordinarily would. "

Lord Padraic Lowther, AoA, RC, former light, current heavy, lately Senschal of St Ursula -- College of St Ursula

"I agree that light particpants and non combat participants should add flavour to wars, as medical complaints do not allow me to do full combat only a non combatant combat archer role can work for me and allow me to contribute to better wars. "
Robin Bowman, Target archery marshal, intending to authorise as combat archer -- Glen Rathlin, Drachenwald

"As an unfit weakling with bad knees who bruises way too easily the thought of authorising heavy is not an option I am willing to consider!! I do love all things siege weaponry and archery and the commeraderie of being involved in this side of the SCA. It would be a terrible shame to stop what works so well and enables greater participation, especially with the young banner bearers that provide such morale on the field. "
Ysabeau of Stowe, Siege engineer -- Canton of Stowe on the Wowld

"I started fighting as a light non-contact combatant. For 4 years, I fought as a war junkie throwing javelins. When it became apparent that I wanted to play even more, I added to my armor and trained to be authorized as a heavy fighter. For 4 more years I fought wars and tourneys as a heavy combatant until forced to retire for health health reasons after a stroke. I loved to fight and I so miss it ... I have watched Lochac's archers and seen that same passion for what they do. It would be wrong to take away the thing that makes Lochac's warfare special. "
Duchess Megan nic Alister of Thornwood, Duchess of the West, Viscountess of the MIsts, senior marshal, former authorized light non-contact fighter, and heavy fighter (retired due to health) -- Kingdom of the West

"I have fought light in Lochac in the past and enjoyed it greatly. Although no longer actively participating in combat due to time and non-sca-related injury constraints, it has been an option for the future. If there is going to be a possibility of being hit, it never will be again. "
Aeron Lasair, Lapsed light -- Rowany

"I am a heavy in training, the first time I was in armour I went down and was stuck on my back because the helm was too heavy for me to lift my head properly (it's a heavy helm with chain mail and as I'm the only one learning to fight in St Kessog with a small enough head to fit it - it gets left to me and the boys use our other helms - but I also find them very heavy as I'm yet to get used to a helm).. it really was a tortoise moment - I wouldn't want to be in a situation like that in a battle situation as I don't mind getting whacked but I have an issue with being sprawled on the ground quite helpless and likely to be trod on- some of us just don't cope well in heavy armour and that needs to be remembered, people shouldn't be excluded just because they're not as strong as others!!! "
Nicola of St. Kessog, Heavy in Training, Archer in Training -- Collage of St Kessog, Southron Gaard

"Lochac has fabulous archers, ballistas, and cannons. How great it looks on the field! How much fun it all is! How much more accessible it makes combat to people not willing to be thumped on the head - which is a personal choice for some, and a neccessity for others. We've been researching and building all manner of fun, safe, effective seige weapons for years. Remember when the first cannon was used down at Picton, circa 1995/6? It was triffic. A goodly proportion of the household members that fight swap between fighting light, manning seige engines, and heavy - because they can. Because it's fun. Because it's safe! Take it all away and you've got a bunch of angry people who'll take their toys and go home. "
Eloise Darnell, Someone who remembers when there was going to be tennis balls on the end of arrows. It was sheer silliness, and so is this. -- Lemming Household, Barony of Rowany

"Comment; Corpora says the SCA is an educational organisation that encourages diversity and exploration of the (martial) activities of the middle ages and renaissance. This is repeated as a DUTY of the SEM. The proposed rule changes demanding 'uniformity and conformity' is a direct contravention of that position, and is a fundamental betrayal of the statement made in Corpora. Also, I stay in this game because I am surrounded by people who believe in 'The Dream' and treat all with courtesy and respect, regardless of degree or station. These proposed rule changes are but on symptom of a body that has, in recent years, undermined that concept. The dream is dying, and it is being killed from the top. "
Piers of Malmesbury, Court baron, Laurel, light, heavy, rapier, senior marshal, light marshal, heavy marshal, authorising rapier marshal etc -- Krae Glas

"I believe that elimination of non-contact combatatnts will reduced recruitment into the contact areas as many in our group have followed this path. Not all can afford teh time and expense of being a heavy, and not all want to be a heavy anyway, but do love to take part in the fighting. "
Geffrey de Wulf, Light Archer, Marshal under Training -- Cluian

"More than half my household are light combatants, taking the field without them will not be the same. I would be less likely to attend a war where they are un welcome and would seriously consider letting my membership lapse or participating in war with another ‘re-enactment’ group where my 'family and friends' are welcome. "
Audun inn illi, Shire Constable, Marshall, Heavy Combatant -- Arrowsreach

"Without lights and non-contact pacticipants, much of the realism will be lost. I can also foresee unsafe situations during the implementation of such a ban, and the situation where under the new ruling a light has to yield to avoid being hit. Without a shield, bows and quivers can be much more easily damaged. In the situation where one heavy has approached multiple lights, if all the lights yield at the same time, multiple people will be speaking at once - this can get confusing. "
Garshta Pazyrykni, Reeve, heavy in training -- Innilgard, College of Blessed Herman

"it's simple, i'm scared of getting mauled by a heavy! "
Cristina Antonia Cortes -- Ynys Fawr

"A Dream worth fighting for should be inclusive, not exclusive. "
Gryfen de Gesalonne, archer, fencer, light fighter/archer-in-training -- al-Barran, Outlands

"If we had light archers, I would have started long ago, now I don´t participate at all "
Grinulf, Marchal of archers -- Frostheim, Drachenwald

"My husband is the Captain of Archers for Ildhafn and so is very interested in this issue. He is a keen light fighter. His biggest concern is getting his bow hit by a wayward heavy, or falling on it and his arrows if he must fall down dead. There are a number of light combatants in the Barony who through age, infirmity, or other reasons desire not to be struck who would likely stop fighting light if these changes went through. "
Eleyne de Comnocke, THL, Blue Lymphad Herald, non-combatant -- Ildhafn

"Light and mixed combat is a way of introducing those of us lacking the physical strength or desperate desire to hit people to the joys of warfare. "
Ysabeau Chanteuse (OP), Kitchen Steward, Event Steward, parent of 14yr old & 10yr old anxious to be banner-bearers, previous authorised light & heavy -- Politarchopolis

"I would have never been able to afford heavy combat and therefore would have lost interest and dropped out had it not been for both rapier fighting and light combat. Light was great way to get into wars without great expense and becase of it I attended every war and event I could make for my first year in the SCA. Others who can afford less than I could are still looking for ways to fight and this is a great opportunity that we are supressing. The SCA is more than heavy fighting to a lot of people and this needs to be remembered when making this kind of descision. Let there be Lights "
Dieterich von Kleinburg, Light, rapier, marshal -- Crikstow on Sea, Barony of Seagirt

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News updates

December 2: The Lochac Earl Marshal, Sir Gregory, has published a draft set of plume rules for consultation.

October 20: followup on the issue

October 16: Plume Negotiations Successful!
Lochac's Earl Marshal, Sir Gregory, has announced that he has reached an agreement with the SEM on a special set of "plume rules" for only the Kingdom of Lochac which preserve archers and banner bearers who may not legally be hit. The already-announced increases in armour minima will still apply.
The text of Sir Gregory's announcement may be found here.

Stats as of December 8:
Signatories: 418
Comments: 264
Messages to BoD or SEM: 66

October 14: Fiat Lux story on

October 12: Duchess' initiative surpasses lights ban (humour)

October 9: A woodcut cartoon on the issue?

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