Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!
Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!
Fiat Lux - Let there be Lights!

A Call to Action

IMPORTANT NEWS: Please see the NEWS UPDATES section at right, and the FAQ

Outlining the immense value of non-contact combat to the SCA Kingdom of Lochac, and calling for concerned members of the populace to take specific actions to help preserve it. (WHY is this even necessary? The new Society Marshal's Handbook appears to eliminate non-contact combat, even though it is defined in Corpora -- see especially the last two paragraphs of this page on the Society Earl Marshal's website. More information in the FAQ below).

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The Fiat Lux Declaration

We, the undersigned, believe that the current participation of non-contact combatants (ie light archers, siege crew and banner bearers) on the war field has overwhelmingly positive effects for the Kingdom of Lochac in a number of important and divers ways. Viz:

  • it provides an attractive combat format, particularly for 14-16-year olds, who are not able to take part in full-contact combat and also for many women, university students and other participants who would not be prepared or able to engage in full-contact war; this makes for stronger groups throughout the Kingdom by attracting and retaining such people
  • a significant number of non-contact combatants use this format as a stepping stone to heavy combat, as it enables them to establish crucial trust in SCA combat and its rules; to build up resources and experience; to develop bonds with war bands and other related groups which may not otherwise occur
  • banner-bearing provides a valuable means of retaining the interest and participation of younger teenage members of our Kingdom, an otherwise notoriously difficult group to keep; retaining them means retaining their families and so has a significant flow-on effect on the growth and stability of Kingdom membership as a whole
  • the levels of participation in light combat in this Kingdom are high, with 60% of our combatants being authorised as lights, and around a quarter exclusively so
  • mixed combat greatly enrichens our war scenarios, enabling greater appreciation of period battles, strategy and tactics, and ensuring that wars are much more than simply large-scale melees

We believe that a move to require all combatants to accept full-contact authorisation and participation has the very clear potential to do great harm to our Kingdom, not just on the war field, but also in the future growth and development of the Kingdom. Initial informal polling indicates that a very large proportion of current non-contact participants will no longer take the field with their comrades-in-arms should full contact become mandatory.

We therefore call upon all members of the populace to take an active and informed role in the on-going discussions in the hope of retaining this combat form that has done so much for our Kingdom. You can do this by taking any one or all of the following actions:

  • add your name and, if you wish, personal comments to the Fiat Lux Declaration so that all might see the breadth of concern
  • pass on word of this Fiat Lux Declaration to interested parties, lists, forums etc and encourage others to make their views known (in a polite, informed fashion).
  • ask your local marshal to hold a general meeting to discuss the changes, or to request feedback from the populace he/she serves that can be passed up the chain of command
  • make your concerns known to the local entities that govern our participation in the game: the SCAA Inc and SCANZ Inc, and ask them to apply their utmost endeavours to have the new rules reversed before they come into effect here
  • above all, exercise your rights as an affiliated member of SCA Inc (USA) by commenting directly on the abolition of non-contact forms to the SCA Inc Board of Directors and the Society Earl Marshal. You do not have to be someone of rank or an authorised fighter to voice your politely worded concerns -- just a Lochacian. Or a supporter from another SCA Kingdom.

    We hope that you will join us in ensuring that the combat form we have practised safely and effectively for many years can be retained within the lands of Lochac to its greater glory and strength.

    Yours, in service to the Dream,
    Bartholomew Baskin, Baron of Southron Gaard, Heavy/Light, Heavy Marshal, Light Marshal
    katherine kerr of the Hermitage, Baroness of Southron Gaard, OP, Light
    Arnfinr Akasson, Baron of Ynys Fawr, Heavy/Light, Heavy Marshall, Light Marshall
    Sir Inigo Missaglia, Knight of Lochac, Baron of Ildhafn, Armourer, Marshall & Heavy
    Giles Leabrook, Baron of Saint Florian de la Riviere, Marshal and Light
    Hrothgar aet Gytingbroce, Baron of Rowany, OP, Marshal, Heavy/Light
    Helene Du Puy, Baroness of Rowany, OL (Rowany)
    Drake Morgan, Baron of Innilgard, OL, long-term Light/recent Heavy
    Catalin de Dalmatin, Baroness of River Haven, Light, Light Marshal
    Wendell von Bayern, Baron of River Haven, Heavy
    Gilchrist Morgan, Baron of Mordenvale
    Blodeuwedd y Gath, Baroness of Innilgard, currently halting plans to take to the field as Siege Engine Crew and Banner Bearer for her Barony
    Alessandro Von Florenz, Baron of Politarchopolis, GofA Light, Heavy/Light, Heavy/Light Marshal, Order of the Rapier, Rapier Marshal
    Lillian D'ath, Baroness of Mordenvale
    Catalina Orosol, Countess -- Southron Gaard
    William de Wyke, Southron Gaard knight marshal, heavy marshal, founding director SCANZ -- Southron Gaard
    Bethan of Brockwood, Active light, inactive heavy, Pelican -- Rowany
    Dauid de Cochrane, Captain of Archers -- Southron Gaard
    Vincent de Dijon, Heavy fighter -- Southron Gaard
    Yolande Kesteven, Duchess, OL, heavy in training, Politician of the useful variety -- Rowany
    Lord Michelet de Saint Claire, Tavern Keep -- Barony of Southron Gaard
    William de Cameron, Seneschal, Barony of Ildhafn. Heavy/light/rapier marshal, active light and rapier combatant.
    Ædward Stædefaste, Duke, Knight, Marshall, Deputy Kingdom Marshall for Heavy Combat -- Rowany
    Kateryna Bouland de Lancastre, Baronial MoAS, Former Heavy, now heavy back in training -- Rowany
    Duncan Kerr, THL heavy/light combatant heavy marshal -- Southron Gaard
    Thorfinn Hrolfsson, Pelican, Marshal (1984-2004) -- Stormhold
    Marienna Jensdatter, Founding Baroness Ildhafn, OP, OL, SCA(NZ) Registrar, deputy kingdom lists (NZ) -- Darton
    Trish of the Neck, Chatelaine of St. Kessog -- St. Kessog
    Sabine d'Antan, Deputy Light Marshal Lochac -- Politarchopolis
    Alycie of Stirling, 3rd Baroness of Innilgard, Knight Marshal Innilgard, Senior marshal -- Innilgard
    Isíbéal inghean Chorcráin, banner bearer, heavy in training -- Castle Saburac
    Edmund Alekonner, Heavy Marshal, Siege Marshal, Light Marshal. Baron -- Polit
    Dai Bach, 3rd Baron of Innilgard, Senior marshal, Heavy and Light -- Innilgard
    Silfren the Singer, Rapier marshal, Guildmaster of the Lochac Guild of Defence, Court Baroness -- Rowany
    Master Crispin Sexi, Order of the Laurel, former chair of the SCAA, authorised heavy -- Politarchopolis
    James of Southron Gaard -- Southron Gaard
    Emlyn ap Rhys, Light Archery -- Shire of Arrowsreach
    Heinrich Maximillian von Hesse, Former Baronial Marshal, currently Deputy Baronial Marshal -- Politarchopolis
    Avelyn Rayne -- Innilgard
    Robert Gascard, light/heavy/siege for 11 years, grant of arms in the Lochac Company of Archers -- Rowany
    Sven inn kyrri, Attempting to Authorise Light. -- House Drakkar, Rowany
    Fionghuine MacCoinnich, Soon to be Light/Heavy, Rapier Marshal -- Innilgard
    Aeddan ap Andraes, Light, inactive rapier combatant, heavy-in-training -- Canton of Cairn Fell
    Mistress Caristiona nic Beathain, Light -- Rowany
    Elayne Montjoye, Laurel, Viscountess -- Stormhold
    Reynardine de Clifford, Viscount -- Free Company of St George of Burgundy
    Talia de la Roche Guyon, heavy fighter -- Rowany
    Terese de La Maunche, Chatelaine, Cook -- Barony of Southron Gaard
    Dafydd ap Iorwerthap Rhodri de dana, OP, retired heavy/fencer/marshal -- Stormhold
    Kotek of Southron Gaard, Chirurgeon, In-training light -- Southron Gaard
    Nataliya of Southron Gaard, Lady in Waiting at SG Baronial Court, Archer in training -- Southron Gaard
    Jochen Schwalbe, Heavy, Light, Rapier, Seneschal of Incipient Shire -- Incipient Shire of Angellus Ad Meridium
    Lady Tyghra na Tintagel, authorised light, organiser of Agincourt Day 4 years running -- Canton of Stowe on the Wowld, Rowany
    Meg the Unsteady, Authorised Light -- Rowany
    Sir Asbjorn Pedersen Marsvin, member of the chivalry, member of the Pelican, founding baron Ildhafn, etc. Shire of Darton, Lochac. Aka Martin Forest SCANZ Inc committee member. -- Shire of Darton, Lochac
    Fineamhain an Einigh inghean Ui Chonchobhair, Court Baroness, Siege Engineer, proud supporter of all of Stowe's combatants -- Canton of Stowe-on-the-Wowld
    Lord Brennan Bo Narm Mendem, General Twit -- Cairn Fell
    Eirikr the Eager, Chirurgeon, Heavy, Rapier-in-training -- Ynys Fawr
    Terese de La Maunche, Chatelaine, Cook -- Barony of Southron Gaard
    Haos Windchaser, Knight, Pelican, Viscount -- Innilgard
    Delamar, light marshal -- Innilgard
    Tostig atte Scelga, Heavy, Light, Rapier, Marshal of all, Baronial Rapier Marshal -- Innilgard
    Belladonna DeMarco, Light, College member -- Politarchopolis
    Corin Rytsarev, Heavy -- The College of St Monica
    Collette de Harecourt, Light Fighter, Light Marshal, Heavy Fighter -- Innilgard
    Sir Gui Landgraf von Oberhausen, Viscount, Knight, Clerk for Lochac Order of Chivalry, Seneschal for Rowany, Assistant Lochac Seneschal for Laws, Marshal -- Rowany
    Gryffon of Abberffraw, Light Combatant, Light Marshal, Target Marshal. -- Bacchus Wood
    Corin Rytsarev, Heavy -- The College of St Monica
    Lord Sean The Bastard, Twice voted most unchivalrous heavy fighter in the Principality/Kingdom. Assistant Ranter Extrordinairre to Sir Berenger of Nancy. Married to the very scary Lady Judith of Wellow. -- Rowany
    Frederick of Holland, Duke, Marshal, Dinosaur -- West
    Grimkell Ravenhair, Heavy -- Stowe on the Wowld
    Simon MacFaolain AOA, OJV, Heavy Fighter, Light, Marshall (Heavy and Light) -- Rowany
    Mikel von Kartoffel, Light and rapier combatant -- Innilgard
    Marit the Wanderer, OP, Baroness, etc.; Agaricus constable & reeve; heavy marshal, light marshal -- Shire of Agaricus
    Edward Braythwayte, Newbie and would-be combat archer -- Cluain
    Mighell ó Séaghdha, archer, planning to be light combatant -- Politarchopolis
    wulfric halvedeivel, heavey fighter, light fighter, authorised marshal -- arrowsreach
    Bryce of Arrowsreach, lord,golden noch,light fighter,light marshal,heavy marshal -- Arrowsreach
    Colum mac Fheradaigh, Baronial Seneschal -- River Haven
    Antoinette of St Monica, Light Marshal, heavy authorised, majority light fighter -- Arrowsreach
    Tristan d'Avignon, College Seneschal, Heavy/Light in Training -- St Dionysius
    Lord Sventa Djaknson, Currently Queens Guard, Heavy and Cluain Reeve -- Canton of Cluain
    Adriano dell'Isola, Heavy, light, and medium combatant. Held most officers at some time or another. -- Rowany
    Sapphira of St Monica, light archer -- College of St Monica
    Dafydd of the Glens, heavy fighter, Baron Master QOG etc -- Stormhold
    Uberto Renaldi, Court Baron, Emeritus Crux Australis Herald -- Innilgard
    Rugen Axegrinder, light and heavy -- Riverhaven
    Malachi Von Riga -- Mordenvale
    Adair MacDermid, Seneschal of Politarchopolis, heavy, light-in-training, heavy marshal, father of 16yo light-in-training and 14yo banner-bearer-in-training -- Politarchopolis
    Luan An Fael, Captain of Archers - Shire of Darton, Senior Marshall -- Shire of Darton
    Snorri Bloddrekkr or Odinslundi., O.L.; former heavy/light authorised; back in training. -- Ynys Fawr.
    Thomas Brock, Light/Heavy -- Arrowsreach
    Mistress Kiriel du Papillon, Order of the Pelican, event organiser -- Drachenwald
    Viscountess Baroness Mistress Rowan Perigrynne, OL, OP, QOG, etc -- Politarchopolis
    Alana(Alan) the Traveller, Chirurgeon at large -- Ildhafn
    Alexander the Potter, Laurel, Baronial Huntsman, Combat Archer (light). -- Politarchopolis
    Fulk de Cherbourg, Court Baron, currently knight marshall of Ildhafn, Senior Marshall , seige engineer, heavy -- Ildhafn, Cluain
    Leif Magnusson, Light, Heavy and ex-Marshall -- Krae Glas
    Mathilde Adycote, Countess, Laurel, Pelican, founding Baroness of Politarchopolis and mother of three sons
    Matilde Hastings, Polit Constable -- Polit and St Aldhelm
    Geoffrey Jeffries, ex- Light, Heavy, Marshal (assorted), Past group Seneshal, hospitaller, Captain of Archers, SCAA Committee and Chair, Court Baron and danglies -- Barony of Innilgard
    Lord Robert Stoner, Banner Bearer, Boffer combatant and teacher -- Politarchopolis
    Stephen Aldred, Count, Knight, Pelican, Baron Politarchopolis, authorised light and heavy combatant, longstanding marshall -- Politarchopolis
    Hanbal Reis al Barbary, Marshal, Heavy & Light fighter of many years -- Barony of Stormhold & The Flying Ypotryll
    Celsa , Enthusiastic Post-Newbie -- Cairn Fell
    Conrad De Burnett, ex-Seneschal, ex-constable, SCA-in-hiding -- Burnfield
    Tristram Rydderch, Currently inactive light, former seneschal College of St Aldhelms -- Politarchopolis
    Iestyn ap Cadfael ap Ianto ap Danno ap Richard ap Owen ap Rhys O'er Cwm, Semi retired -- Stormhold/Krae Glas
    Alfgeirr Agnarsson, Light combatant, Heavy + Light marshall -- Stowe on the Wowld
    Guye l'Bastarde, pelican, heavy banner bearer -- mordenvale
    Roheisa Le Sarjent, Mistress of the Laurel, Mistress of the Pelican, former heavy fighter -- Southron Gaard, Lochac
    Emmeline de L'Isle -- Stormhold/Arrowsreach
    Mistress Margie of Glen More, OL, OP, Lochac Company of Archers, Senior Marshal, ex Earl Marshal of Lochac, authorised non contact archer -- Shire of Arrowsreach
    Muloc de Pachter, Arrowsreach Reeve and Light Marshal -- Arrowsreach
    Miles de Colwell, Heavy and Heavy Marshall -- Rowany
    Zhou Long Xi Xian Sheng, Heavy Fighter -- Krae Glas
    Lisette La Mandeta -- Krae Glas
    Gwynfor Lwyd, Chairman SCAA Ltd, OP, Court Baron, heavy combatant since 1985, marshal since 1985, senior marshal -- Krae Glas
    The Honourable, Baron Master, Hrothgar Breaksword, OP, Senior Marshal, Lochac Company Of Archers, Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon Lochac and Baronial Chirurgeon of River Haven -- Canton Of Willoughby Vale
    Earl Sir Alaric of Bangor, Earl, Vicount, Knight, Heavy/Light Marshal, Senior Marshal blah blah.... -- Thamesreach, Drachenwald. Until recently St Florian
    Will, Light authorised combat archer -- Drakkar, Based in Rowany
    Ysemay Rede, Arts and Science office, College of St. Dionysius, Heavy/Light in training, Rapier combatant and MIT. -- Barony of Ildhafn, College od St. Dionysius
    Alesia de Cheval Blanc, Squire -- Politarchopolis
    Robyn of the May, AoA - Light Combatant & Marshall -- Darton
    Master Arenwald von Hagenberg, OL, rapier and sidesword marshal, light and former heavy combatant, former SCAA chairman -- Aros, Nordmark, Drachenwald
    Mykola Shlahetka, heavy -- Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid
    Adele de Maisieres, Order of the Lily etc., ex-Reeve, good-timer and cook extraordinaire -- Southron Gaard
    Master Stefano da Urbino OL, Heavy Fighter, Marshal, Constable, Laurel (Camp Cookery), etc -- Shire of Darton, Wellington, New Zealand
    Lady Guenhyffwar of Southron Gaard -- Southron Gaard
    Rodri Ysoglaig, Webwright Politarchopolis, Seige Engineer and very occasional heavy. -- Politarchopolis
    Ava del Mas, Trainee Marshal -- Canton of Cairnfell, Barony of Stormhold.
    Genvieve de Lausanne, EK scribe, 25 years mundane archer, proud supporter of heavy unit Magnum Opus -- Buckland Cross, East Kingdom
    Aelesia de Trachdene -- Krae Glas
    Malachi Von Riga -- Mordenvale
    Robert De Mar, Heavy Fighter -- Arrowsreach
    Yseult Gwatkin verch Amrhys -- Southron Gaard
    Lord Rauf le Brewere, Auhtorised Heavy & Rapier fighter, Marshall in Training, Light in Training -- Stormhold
    Angele Mari de Savigny, AoA, Light archer -- Dartonshire, Lochac
    Lord Halvdan Galinn, Archer, archery MIT, heavy fighter, squire -- Barony Caerthe, Outlands
    Veronica Mare, Quartermaster -- Barony of Southron Gaard
    Amadeus von Amesbury, Heavy fighter and light archer, experimental bunjee X-bow -- Rowany
    Elise Marchand, Archer -- Southron Gaard
    Caoimhe the sprightly, light archer -- Arrowsreach
    Iarnulfr Thorolfsson, Light archer, smith. -- Politarchopolis
    Darius J'fa, Archer, looking at light combat, Master Fletcher, and Founder of the House of the Golden Fletch. -- Barony of Southron Gaard
    Andreas Reihardt, recently Authourised Heavy, and all around nice guy -- Politarchopolis
    Lady Amalie of Southron Gaard -- Southron Gaard
    Cormac O'Mallagh, New member - heavy and light -- Abertridwr
    Antonia Della Scalla, Heavy/Light Authorised, Squired to Sir Brusi -- Barony of Politarchopolis
    Jan of St Ursula, St Ursula Marshal & Constable -- College of St Ursula
    Aemon MacGregor, Heavy -- Attica
    Khorvash of Southron Gaard
    Senena verch Maelgwn ap Rys, none at present -- Stormhold
    John of the Hills, OP, previous member of the SCAA committee, previous Lochac Stock Clerk -- Politarchopolis
    Willemyne van Nymegen, Order of the Lily, current A&S officer for Ildhafn, Guildswoman of Ildhafn -- Ildhafn
    Miriam Galbraith , OL, Stormhold Reve, Past Vicar of Stormhold -- Stormhold
    Hugh, rapier, soon to authorise light -- College of St Ursula/Augustine
    Marie de Lyon, non-combatant -- Rowany
    Lady Mathilda de Villiers, -- Barony of Southron Gaard
    Marie de Sievergue, AoA, Cook -- Politarchopolis
    Morgan Athenry, OL, scribe, jeweler, former heavy fighter, Sgt of Lions' Gate -- Gyldenholt, Caid
    Wee Jamie Blakeardt, Baron LM ST -- Torlyon
    Elyas de Dunblan, Lord, Heavy, Light, -- Ynys Fawr
    Anita -- College of St Monica
    Danielis , OLM, PW, AoA, longstanding local Officebearer, Apprentice and Protege; finally aspiring to Light after 16 years in the SCA -- Shire of Dismal Fogs
    Somerled of Redcliff, Baron, Senior Marshal, Rapier Marshal, heavy, rapier and light combatant. -- River Haven
    Rosamund Musgrave, rapier training, mother of future banner bearers -- Ildhafn
    Delbert von Strassburg, Old Used Seneschal -- Rowany, Lochac
    Kyrii Windstrider, OP, 23? year member, held many offices including Capt. of Archers -- River Haven
    Giles de Roet, former light combatant, former kingdom officer -- Mordenvale
    Brennan Halfhand, KSCA -- Stormhold
    Owain Cantor ap Hughe, Provost Secretary Royal Guild of Defence of Lochac, Rapier Marshal, Heavy Marshal in Training, Baroness' Champion -- Politarchopolis
    Samuel McAlister -- Mordenvale
    Grainne, talented drifter -- College of St Augustine
    Liduina de Kasteelen van Valkenburg, Baroness, Lochac Chatelaine -- Aneala/Abertridwr
    kevyn of stowe, heavy combatant -- Canton of Stowe on the Wowld
    Iohanes Mac Aodhagáin, Marshall in Training, Light, Heavy -- Aneala
    Isobal inghean Mhartainn mhic Donnchaidh, Rowany A&S minister, rapier marshall, light -- Rowany
    Lady Amber De La Morte -- Politarchopolis
    Jimena Montoya, Viscountess, marshal, heavy fighter -- Shire of the Isles, CAID
    Rhys Ravenscroft, KSCA Senior Marshal -- Shire of the Isles CAID
    James Douglas, Assistant Seneschal -- Loch Alba (Bordescros)
    Emoni Wintl, Seneschal of the College of Blessed Herman, enthusiast, friend of lights, heavies, and those in between -- Blessed Herman / Innilgard
    La Signora Onorata (THL) Katerina da Brescia, Grant of Arms. ex-baronial rapier marshal and rapier fighter , target archer, ex-KMoAS -- Innilgard
    Lord Martuccio Lorenzo Cavilcanti de Medici , heavy fighter /rapier fighter / Baronial rapier marshal -- Southron Gaard
    Emoni Wintl, Seneschal of the College of Blessed Herman, enthusiast, friend of lights, heavies, and those in between -- Blessed Herman / Innilgard
    Sibylla , Rapier in Training -- Southron Gaard
    Miles Brennan, Scribe -- College of St Monica's
    Thomasine Lestrange, Book Herald -- Politarchopolis
    n/a - Ruth Mulholland, Debauched Wench, Fighter Fangirl -- Southron Gaard
    Ayla Bogenshutze, Light -- Politarchopolis / Torlyon
    Robin of Twyford -- River Haven
    Donwald MacNiall, heavy and light fighter -- Dismal Fogs
    Claire de la Rou -- Politarchopolis/Adamastor
    Gavin of Southron Gaard -- Southron Gaard
    Raoul of Buzz, Webmaster, Light, -- St. Florian de la Riviere
    Morwenna o'r Glyn, Court Baroness, archer in training -- Aneala
    Christina of Westroad -- Mordenvale
    Joan Sutton, Laurel -- Politarchopolis
    Sir Morgan Buchanan, Knight, regional deputy to the Kingdom Earl Marshal of Ansteorra -- Barony of the Steppes, Kingdom of Ansteorra
    THL Lowry ferch Gwynwynwyn ap Llewelyn, Grant of Arms: Shire Reeve: Acting Constable : trainee light -- Shire of Bordescros
    Creag MacGhilleAindrais, heavy, light, marshal and dogsbody -- Aneala/Abertridwr
    Master Will Cumyn, OP, GT, GT, DW, OST, OSN, Senior Marshal -- Shire of Arrowsreach
    Lady Eadaoin inghean ui Lochlainn, Seneschal -- Draks Fjord
    Yad of St Kessog, heavy in training, archer in training -- College of St Kessog, Barony of Southron Gaard
    Mistress Genna inghean Broainain ui Amoin, OP, OL, GoA, etc -- Stormhold
    Richenza D'Assisi -- Southron Gaard
    Makai, marshall, youth marshall, regional exchequer -- Atlantia
    Sir Wolfram Flammenherz, Knight, Heavy Marshall, Rapier Marshall, occasional archer's target -- Barony of Stormhold
    Karl Faustus von Aachen, Court Baron, Herald Extraordinary and Bard -- Politarchopolis
    Jehan de Benne, war light, rapierist, target archer, ex tournament heavy and (not current) marshall of all -- Rowany & Aneala
    Lady Siobhan inghean ui Dhonnabhain, Southern Region MoL, EK -- Barony of Iron Bog
    Rioghan of Saarlands, senior marshal, squire to Sir Atar, light archer, heavy archer, full contact combatant, rapier authorised, gold nock, Queen's cypher x 2, Prince's cypher, Princess' cypher, ex Princess' Champion -- Arrowsreach
    Aelfraed of shyrwode, Heavy, ex-marshall after 8 years of service -- Rising stone.
    Mibanui bach merch Iudhail, Archer-in-training; wanting to be a future light combatant -- Stormhold/Krae Glas
    Cormac Lenihan, Laurel, Heavy Marshal -- Krae Glas
    Eilis O'Boirne, OP, OL; Senior Marshal (first War Marshal for the West); former Board Member and Society Seneschal, SCA Inc. -- West
    Antonio di Rienzo, Order of the Silver Guard, Ordern des Linquistringes, Kingdom Rapier Marshal Drachenwald, Cut and Thrust Marshal, Archery Marshal, Combat Archery Marshal in Training -- West Dragoningshire, Drachenwald
    Mistress Bliss of Teine, OP, Viscountess, GoA etc. Retired light -- Shire of Arrows Reach
    Robert of Canterbury, GOA, Local marshal, Regional Castellan, Heavy, sometime fencer, ex light archer -- Thamesreach
    Martin the Terrible, Scullery wench(?) and old relic -- College of Blessed Herman the Cripple
    Sevastiiana Sadovnikova, Seneschal of Torlyon, Light in training -- Torlyon
    Lord Gilbert de Montfort, Baronial Crossbow Champion -- Barony of Southron Gaard
    Lord William of Llanwarne, Knight Marshal, Marshal-at-Large, former light combat archer, now armoured combatant -- Shire of the Two Seas, Drachenwald
    Wolfgang Adolphus Jager, Laurel, Baronial Marshal -- Riverhaven
    Keridwen the Mouse, Light/Heavy/Seige, Viscountess, ex-Baroness of Rowany, Pelican, Laurel -- Rowany
    Cary -- Lionsgate, Antir
    Kareina Talvi Tytär, Viscountess of Oertha, OL, Seneschal of the Barony of Ynys Fawr -- Ynys Fawr
    Lady Quataryna de Montpelher -- Politarchopolis
    Catherine de Bonifacio, Rapier, soon to be heavy -- Polit
    Lord Ostin "the aimless" MacSheehan, Light Fighter - Let there be Lights! -- Shire of Ramsgaard, Kingdom of An Tir
    Loyola Juan Sanchez Mendoza, knight, war bunny -- rowany
    Egan Snorrison, Light /Heavy authorised -- House Drakkar, Rowany
    Isabetta Bernardi, Rapier combatant, light in training -- Shire of Darton
    Thaddeus Blayney, Pelican, Court Baron, Heavy, sometime Light, Senior Marshal -- Colles Ardorum
    Gilligan, Baronial Guard, light-in-training -- College of St Bartholomew
    Ailionora ingen O'hOgain -- College of St Hieronymus
    Andre de Montsegur, Abertridwr knight marshal, heavy fighter, inactive light. -- Abertridwr
    Aminah bint Yusuf al-Zarqa, Hospit and Webscribe -- Radburne
    Aldwin Seguin, AoA, GT, Authorising Rapier Marshal, Light, siege engine enthusiast -- Innilgard
    Alatar the Bedlamite, Heavy -- Agaricus
    Caterina Sansovino -- Rowany
    Sir Willehelm von Tannenberg, KSCA, Baronial Reeve, Marshal -- Ildhafn
    Isabel de Bainbridge -- Bordescros
    Miihkali Kuuspää, heavyfighter -- Drachenwald, Aarnimetsä
    Llwyd ap Madog, Range Marshall, Combat Archer, Webminister, Chronicler -- Shire of Bacchus Wood, Lochac
    William de Tosny, Light, Former Seneschal & A&S officer -- River Haven
    Sibella da Montefeltro, Reeve and wife of an ethusiastic light -- River Haven
    Rodrigo, Light -- Dismal Fogs
    Clara van de Keere, wife to the Baronial Captain of Archers -- Rowany
    Hróðny Aradóttir, Baronial Herald -- River Haven
    Lady Darby de Askote, aspiring light -- Aneala/Abetridwr
    Duke Odo FitzHugh, KSCA -- Kingdom of Trimaris
    Nerissa de Saye, Countess, Viscountess, Laurel, Herald, madrigal singer, ex-archer -- Thames Reach, Drachenwald. Formerly St Florian, Lochac.
    Cara of Kirriemuir, Player for 15 years, currently interested in getting back into Light Combat BUT NOT Full Contact -- Bacchus Wood
    Lord Benedict of Askerigge, Astrolabe herald, unpope, heavy & fencer, MIT for same -- Ildhafn
    Katerine of Haydons Bridge -- Ynys Fawr
    Josseline de la Cour, Baronial hospitaller & a light want-a-be -- River Haven
    THL Artemisia da Quieto d'Arzenta, GoA, authorised heavy, warranted chirurgeon -- Colles Ardorum
    THL Tomyris Nomadikos -- Barony of Madrone, Kingdom of An Tir
    Lady Bella Lucia da Verona, Order of the Rose Leaf, web officer Lochac Tailors Guild -- Innilgard
    Master Eric Bjornsson, OP, Knight Marshal of the Principality of the Mists,, Former War Marshal of the West, Heavy Fighter & Light Fighter -- Barony of Darkwood, Principality of the Mist, Kingdom of the West
    Rannailt Beringer, Light, Cannoneer, Ballista -- Rowany
    Lady Kira the Lighthearted of Rockfall, Wife of a very talented light fighter (who's been fighting for 17yrs) -- Barony of Lions Gate, Kingdom of An Tir
    Marguerite de Moseleia, Honorable Lady, archer,yeoman to 3M's Baroness, working to be a heavy marshall -- Antir,Three Mountains, Portland, Or. USA
    Jory Liskerett, Light, Assistant Reeve -- Shire of Bacchus Wood
    Rainald FitzRenyard, Capt of Archery (Rowany), Grant of Arms Lochac Company of Archers -- Rowany
    Brynach ap Rhys, Principality of Avacal Royal Archer -- Shire of Cold Keep
    Scott, Singer, musician, potential archer. -- Southron Gaard
    Aleyd Lubeck, light -- St Florian de la Riviere
    Reinhard auf Burgdorf -- Ynys Fawr
    Ulric Johansson, Mercenary, light, light marshal, authorised heavy -- House Drakkar, Rowany
    Freiherr Tassilo von Rabennest, Baron of the Court of Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Drachenwald, GOA, former Baron of Drei Eichen, Combat archer ret., Light fighter ret., Yeoman of the Drachenwald Company of Archers -- Shire of Isengau
    Mikael Mikaelavik Donskov, Lord Scum, AoA, Marshal, authorized heavy and light fighter -- Barony of Seagirt, principality of Tir Righ
    Myfanwy Glanmorfa -- Montengarde, Avacal, An Tir
    Thorvald Grimsson, OP, OL, ex-baron of Montengarde, former light archer (23 yrs) -- Montengarde, Avacal, An Tir
    Lord Dalibor Krivoklatsky, Sgt.of Lions Gate, Man-at-arms to Prince Kheron Azov, Heavy fighter, junior heavy marshal, junior youth combat marshal -- Barony of Lions Gate, Principality of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir
    Dauphina del lago, Bard -- Montengarde
    Robert the Innocent, AoA, Heavy fighter in training -- Wyverns Veldt/Rhuddglyn
    Baron Hrolf Herjolfssen, OP et al, Admiral of the Southern Oceans, former Deputy Chair of the Grand Council of the SCA, Herald, bard former combatant in all three forms and marshall in all and holder of almost every office in the SCA at some level or other -- Ynys Fawr and Southron Gaard
    Erik Knutsson Drake, MoAS -- Uma, Nordmark, Drachenwald
    Torum The Hasty, heavy -- Riverhaven
    Fridrikr Tomasson, Baron, Companion of the Pelican -- Barony of Thescorre, Kingdom of AEthelmearc
    Cormac of Barsalloch, Herald, Heavy & Light In Training -- St. Malachy
    Aylwin Greymane, Viscount, Don, GoA, OZIBOD secretary, former light marshal and one time light infantry champion of the College of St Christina the Astonishing -- Innilgard
    Jarl Skeggi Hrafensfuri, Count, Knight, Senior Heavy Marshal, -- Kingdom of An Tir, Barony of Vulkenfeldt
    Ute von Tangermunde, AOA, OST, Light , Marshall, Line Marshall, -- Stormhold
    Titus Antonius Archelaus, Baron of Three Mountains, Antir, Sr Heavy Marschall, Rapier Marschall -- Baron of Three Mountains, Antir
    Theodrik of Skane, Rattan and Misslie combatant, marshal -- Southern Shores, West
    Owen of Torlyon -- Politarchopolis
    Cedric MacRory, OLM, This is not from my office so I decline to state. -- West, Cynagua, Silver Desert
    Alexandra Hartshorn, Chronicler, Chandler, event orgainiser, would-be-light if she got off her butt and got authorised -- Politarchopolis
    Aelfred se leof, AoA, OGT, heavy archer, rapier marshal -- Colles Ardorum
    Mercurio, Combat Archer, Archery marshall, 1st Captain of Archers of Polit., 1st Fencer in Lochac -- Politarchopolis
    Hartmann Rogge, Knight of Drachenwald, OP, Viscount &c. Never fired an arrow in combat -- Nordmark, Drachenwald
    Erik Sternschild -- Shire Uma, Nordmark, Drachenwald
    Nigel of Southron Gaard, AoA , merchant/trader, carpender, bonecarver and aspiring light. -- Southron gaard
    kore, combat archery -- uma, nordmark,drachenwald
    HL Deicyn Moel AoA, GC, VW, JdL, GG, Senior Light Marshal, Senior Target Archery Marshal, -- Shire of Vinjar, Principality of Avacal, An Tir
    HL Kenneth of Shaftesbury, Archery Champion for the Principality of Tir Righ -- Shire of Eisenmarche
    HL Colm Dubh, Herald Extraordinaire, former marshal (heavy weapons) -- Darkwater, Trimaris
    Adriana Michaels, armored fighter, baronial chronicler, and marshal in training -- Barony of Dun Carraig, Kingdom of Atlantia
    Lady Litton Spoke, Mistress of Arrows -- Borealis
    Tiane Nixon, my friend is a light =) -- Polit
    Oriel of the Gypsies, OST, OLM, Royal cypher, long standing former Baronial officer -- Politarchopolis
    Talia, From a household full of lights.... -- Dismal Fogs
    Douglas Fitzwilliam, Heavy Combattant (Florentine) -- Stormhold
    Æric the Penalt of Cumberland, Rapier marshall and fighter, aspiring light fighter -- Shire of LionsDale, Kingdom of An Tir
    Toirdhaelbhach O'Corrain, ex light, ex marshal -- Innilgard
    Fearghus Macildubh, Armoured Combatant -- Mendersham, Ansteorra
    Alun of Jedburgh, Heavy fighter -- Politarchopolis, House des Cartes
    Rhodri ap Tewdwr, Deputy Seneschal Kingdom of Lochac, Former Seneschal College of St Gildas, Herald at Large, Moderator Blazons elist., -- College of St Gildas, Barony of Ynys Fawr
    Eve the Just, armed combatant -- Barony of Borealis, Principality of Avacal, Kingdom of An Tir
    Dieterich von Kleinburg, Light, rapier, marshal -- Crikstow on Sea, Barony of Seagirt
    Elspeth Caerwent, OP, OL, one day I'll be a light, I don't like being hit with a stick -- Krae Glas
    Ysabeau Chanteuse (OP), Kitchen Steward, Event Steward, parent of 14yr old & 10yr old anxious to be banner-bearers, previous authorised light & heavy -- Politarchopolis
    Eleyne de Comnocke, THL, Blue Lymphad Herald, non-combatant -- Ildhafn
    Grinulf, Marchal of archers -- Frostheim, Drachenwald
    Gryfen de Gesalonne, archer, fencer, light fighter/archer-in-training -- al-Barran, Outlands
    Cristina Antonia Cortes -- Ynys Fawr
    Garshta Pazyrykni, Reeve, heavy in training -- Innilgard, College of Blessed Herman
    Claus Hebenstriet, Chronicler, Light, Heavy -- Ynys Fawr
    Audun inn illi, Shire Constable, Marshall, Heavy Combatant -- Arrowsreach
    Llewelyn ap Dafydd, OL, sometime heavy, once and future marshal -- Southron Gaard
    Geffrey de Wulf, Light Archer, Marshal under Training -- Cluian
    Berengar D'Avalos, Marshal, Heavy -- St Kessog/Southron Guard/Mainland Caid
    Lady Ginevra Isabella Serafina della Visconti, Rapier combatant, Light sympathiser -- Southron Gaard
    Piers of Malmesbury, Court baron, Laurel, light, heavy, rapier, senior marshal, light marshal, heavy marshal, authorising rapier marshal etc -- Krae Glas
    Eloise Darnell, Someone who remembers when there was going to be tennis balls on the end of arrows. It was sheer silliness, and so is this. -- Lemming Household, Barony of Rowany
    Nicola of St. Kessog, Heavy in Training, Archer in Training -- Collage of St Kessog, Southron Gaard
    Aeron Lasair, Lapsed light -- Rowany
    Duchess Megan nic Alister of Thornwood, Duchess of the West, Viscountess of the MIsts, senior marshal, former authorized light non-contact fighter, and heavy fighter (retired due to health) -- Kingdom of the West
    Ysabeau of Stowe, Siege engineer -- Canton of Stowe on the Wowld
    Thorald Inn Suðreyski, Reeve, Beginning Heavy, Siege Engineer -- Southron Gaard
    Æðelred Willelms sune, Deputy Master of Arrows -- Baroney of Borealis, Avacal, An Tir.
    Tatianitska Iaroslavna, Protege -- Canton of Stowe on the Wowld, in the Barony of Forwany
    Finnr of St Kessog -- St Kessog
    Robin Bowman, Target archery marshal, intending to authorise as combat archer -- Glen Rathlin, Drachenwald
    Ciaran Faolchara, OP -- Ynys Fawr
    Rodger -- Politarchopolis, Lochac
    Waltheof Godwinesson, Baronial Marshal, Heavy fighter -- Rowany
    Lord Padraic Lowther, AoA, RC, former light, current heavy, lately Senschal of St Ursula -- College of St Ursula
    Jean-Loup de Fribois, ex-combat archer, rapier fighter -- Harpelestane
    Anne of Lincoln, AoA, heavy in training, Innilgard chronicler -- Innilgard
    Athestan Of Wortham, Earl Marshal, Drachenwald; but speaking privately here -- Turmstadt, Drachenwald
    Matsuyama Yoshitoshi, OP -- Shire of Darton
    Ameline Giffard, Seneschal of St Ursula, Light In Training -- St Ursula, Rowany
    Katherne von Risna, former college seneschal -- Rowany
    Gareth Robertson, Light Archer -- Cluain
    Raichbhe Walkman, no rank -- Rowany
    Sir Robert Gordon, Marshal -- Rowany
    Emrys Tudor, Lochac Kingdom Seneschal -- Ildhafn
    Elswyth of Bery, member -- Ynys Fawr
    Raymond of Annan, OP, Senior marshal of 24 years standing, heavy and light fighter -- Agaricus
    Eydís, Seneschal -- College of St Kessog, Southron Gaard
    Ulfrikr inn Hrafn, SCA Inc Deputy Treasurer, SCAA Inc (SA) Treasurer, SCA Ltd Company Secretary & Treasurer -- Lochac
    Lorccan Ruadh, Captain of Acrchers Politarchropilos, Rapier combatant and marshal, Target Archery Marshal and Period Participant, Light Combatant. -- Politarchropilos
    Consatance de Coligny, Spectator of mixed and siege combat!! -- Cluain
    Bleddyn ap Gyver, heavy, light, marshal of colles ardorum -- colles ardorum
    Lord Baxton du Glonn (john buckstan de glonn), Squire to Sir Inigo Missaglia, militiaman Ildhafn, Company of St. George, Head of the Household Duglonn, heavy fighter of 11yrs or so, archer -- Canton of Cluain, Ildhafn
    Count Padraig Gliadrach O'Ceallaigh, KSCA, former regional marshal of Nordmark, Heavy and Fencing Marshal -- Shire of Juneborg, Principality of Nordmark, Kingdom of Drachenwald
    Damien Whitespear, Heavy-in-training, light-in-training, marshal-in-training, Shire Reeve -- Incipient Shire of Radburne
    Ratimir Sumorokov Ismailobrat, Heavy fighter -- Mordenvale
    Gabriel Kalothetos, Lord -- Bordescros / Polit
    Sigmund Spelmann, archer, siege crew, light, Cordon Rouge Herald -- Politarchopolis
    Adam the Renegade, Heavy, Marshal, Seneschal -- Shire of Colles Ardorum (proposed)
    Kazimira Suchenko, tried most things at least once, including fighting heavy -- Shire of Darton
    Kane Greymane, Director SCAA Ltd. Viscount, Knight & Pelican -- Abertridwr
    Avery of the Wode, Shire Constable, want to be light and heavy -- Torlyon
    Lady Joanna of the Beechwoods, ORL, PF, Light, Dance Teacher and Musician -- Politarchopolis
    Lady Dominica de Zeragoza, Light fighter -- Mordinvale
    HL Baron Master Brusi of Dragonvale, light and heavy fighter, marshal (both), former Principality Archer of Lochac, West Kingdom Ambassador to Lochac -- Arrowsreach
    Sir Torg o'Hawkhurst Knight, Pelican, Baron, Baron of Rowany 5 years, Co author of the Lochac Light infantry rules, -- Rowany
    Col WhiteSpear, Chronicler, Herald, Assistant Reeve, Heavy, Marshal-in-Training, Light-in-Training -- Incipient Shire of Radburne
    Maighstir Pedair MacPharlain na Cluain Bige, OP, Former Light, Trainer of Lights, On Field Herald, etc -- Stormhold
    Lady Adeline de Montfort, AOA, ORoli,Head of Lochac Cooks Guild and heavy planning on re-authorising -- Agaricus
    Ysabella Vitale, Captain of the Huntsmen, TAM -- Politarchopolis
    Cairistiona inghean Raghnaill, Pelican -- Bordescros
    Darken der Braun -- Rowany
    Arianna of Longner -- Rowany
    Teffania Tuckerton, fights with needle and thread -- Krae Glas
    Avril of Didham, Recent Seneschal -- St Kessog Proto College
    Gabrielle of the marshes, Captain of fence Polit, ex seneschal St Aldhelm, light, -- StAldhelm, Polit
    Eadie Porterose, Seneschal of college of St. Malachy, light in training, rapier fighter in training, -- St. Malachy / Colles Ardorum
    Thomas Baccus, Barony Deputy Marshal -- Mordenvale
    Henry Fox, Don, Guild Master of Defence, Court Baron -- St Florian de la Riviere
    Sabine de Bernewelle, Editor - Cocaktrice (the Lochac Arts and Scineces Magazine), Alefoundre Herald, Chronicler for my Barony, ex-Hospitaller (light combat was a real selling point). -- Barony of Mordenvale
    Anselm de Calabria, Deputy Marshal Light -- Barony of Ynys Fawr
    Francesca Martini, Seneschal, Lists Officer -- Shire of Darton
    Alasdhr MacGillEthain of Duart , Seneschal of Cairnfell, future Seneschal of Stormhold, Heavy, Marshal -- Cairnfell, Stormhold
    Emilio de Batista -- Southron Gaard
    Orm Ragnarrson, member, ex hospitaller, Stormhold. -- Stormhold
    VIscountess Eleanor Lytylhalles, OL -- Stormhold
    Laufey, Long term active Light, Light Marshal, Heavy Marshal, AOA -- Innilgard
    Guenevere of Saint Kilda, noncombatant -- Darton
    Konusch von Eltz, Light -- Politarchopolis
    Elizabeth Beaumont, Seneschal of the College of St Aldhelm -- Politarchopolis
    Yseult de Lacy, Laurel, former archer -- Dismal Fogs
    Aelfwyn Elswith, 20 yr member, many roles -- Crois Brigite, Atlantia
    Voletta Foscari, participant -- Barony of Montengarde, Principality of Avacal, Kingdom of An Tir
    Baroness Belphoebe de Givet, Siege Marshal and combat archer -- Barony of Ponte Alto
    Agmund Stoltefoth, Lord, Deputy Kingdom Chronicler, Local MoAS, Local Herald -- Shire of Holmrike, Principality of Nordmark, Kingdom of Drachenwald
    Maeve ni Iasachta, AoA, OST, ORL, Rowany Chronicler, DAnce teacher, un-current light and heavy -- Rowany
    LLewen the Unruly, Ex-Laurel, current rank of Lord I think -- Rowany
    Mistress Aislinn de Valence, Founding Baroness Innilgard
    Sven the Stormdriven, OP, etc, third Baron of Stormhold; ex-Knight Marshal of Lochac --Krae Glas
    Francesca -- Dismal Fogs

    Question: How many Dreamers does it take to change a light ban?
    Answer: For Lochac, just one, its Earl Marshal. Though, officially, "lights" are now "plumed combatants" here, ok? As for the other affected Kingdoms, your mileage may vary. But if a precedent is of any use to you, it now exists!

    Herewith statistics on all those who expressed their concern via Fiat Lux:
    Signatories: 418   Comments: 264   Messages: 66

  • News updates

    December 2, 2006: The Lochac Earl Marshal, Sir Gregory, has published a draft set of plume rules for consultation.

    October 20: followup on the issue

    October 16: Plume Negotiations Successful!
    Lochac's Earl Marshal, Sir Gregory, has announced that he has reached an agreement with the SEM on a special set of "plume rules" for only the Kingdom of Lochac which preserve archers and banner bearers who may not legally be hit. The already-announced increases in armour minima will still apply.
    The text of Sir Gregory's announcement may be found here.

    Stats as of December 8:
    Signatories: 418
    Comments: 264
    Messages to BoD or SEM: 66

    October 14: Fiat Lux story on

    October 12: Duchess' initiative surpasses lights ban (humour)

    October 9: A woodcut cartoon on the issue?

    Random Comment

    "I have fought as both a light and as a heavy, and they are two totally different experiences. They are however both excellent fun, and all they need to work together successfully is a little care and thought from both sides. The removal of non contact participants from the game removes the necessity for either of the above. Now that's what I call dangerous. "
    Maeve ni Iasachta, AoA, OST, ORL, Rowany Chronicler, Dance teacher, un-current light and heavy -- Rowany

    Read more comments here...

    [Fiat Lux Declaration]   [Signatories]   [What you can do]   [Comments and Stories]   [Frequently Asked Questions]

    What you can do

    At this time,with a resolution published to all but the armour standard changes, further specific action is not being requested. An examination of the process by which the original rule changes were made has been requested in several quarters.

    [Fiat Lux Declaration]   [Signatories]   [What you can do]   [Comments and Stories]   [Frequently Asked Questions]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the current status?

    On October 16, 2006, Lochac's Earl Marshal, Sir Gregory of Lochswan, announced an agreement with the SEM which applies only to Lochac. It allows for "plumed combatants" who cannot be hit under any circumstances, and with engagement and killing rules with very little change from current Lochac practice (details are in the draft rules published on the above page in December 2006).

    The plume agreement explicitly includes light-style archers (if they so desire) and banner bearers. Although siege crew are not mentioned explicitly, it presumably also allows them to still wear a plume if they so desire.

    Note that the new rules permit an archer to not wear plumes and instead carry a melee weapon to use in normal heavy combat after their missile weapon is no longer usable. Because they are not wearing a plume, they would be killed in the normal "heavy" fashion at all times. Like all heavies, they also have the option to yield to avoid being struck.

    The new announcement makes it clear that the increase in armour standards to Society full-contact minima will apply to all war combatants from August 1st, 2008, including those wearing plumes.

    Note that there has been no recent threat to the wooden arrow shafts, "Riverhaven" blunts and mesh used in Lochac; it was agreed by the SEM in August that Lochac has an exemption permitting these long-standing variations from Society combat archery norms.

    What armour upgrades are involved?

    Less than you might think; some Lochac lights already wear Society full-contact minima. However, for a typical light, the upgrades might involve:

    1. Helms -- ensuring that there is strong (16ga or equivalent -- not just mesh) steel preventing a 25mm dowel from entering your face-plate - so some existing helms might need bars added.
    2. Elbows and knees -- taking whatever existing padding you wear and adding hard elbow or knee cops covering the points of the joints, or making new joint protection from scratch. The hard layers need to be 18 ga steel or 3.6mm hardened leather or two layers of 3.6mm unhardened leather, or equivalent.
    3. Hands -- gauntlets (or half-gauntlets) with a similar level of protection to the above (i.e. hardened layer and padding layer) which cover the back and wrist of both hands. The fingers and thumb may be exposed on each hand. "Archers gauntlets", consisting of ice hockey gloves with the fingers cut off, or equivalent, are specifically allowed.

    See the resources slowly accumulating on this Marshallate page for design patterns, sources of armour, etc. Also talk to your local marshal, armourer and/or leather-smith.

    What about banner bearers and siege crew?

    Sir Gregory's announcement of the outcome of his "plume negotiations" explicitly mentions plumed banner-bearers who must wear Society-minimum armour and carry no weapon at any time. Therefore, there should be no noticeable change from current Kingdom practice.

    Plumed siege crew are not mentioned in the initial announcement, but this is likely to be no more than a temporary oversight.

    How did this all come about?

    Here's an outline of significant events as best we can understand them. This information remains provisional and will be edited if more comes in.

    • For at the past 15-20 years, Lochac's style of combat archery play has differed from Society norms with respect to the mesh, wooden arrows and the "Riverhaven Mk II" blunts. This made it more effective, arguably more interesting, and certainly more popular than in most or all other Kingdoms.
    • At least one attempt was made to abolish our special archery rules during the 1990s, but was unsuccessful in the face of much local resistance. Therefore, at the time we became a Kingdom, it was well understood and accepted that Lochac had a special archery format and that this was exempted from arbitrary change by the Society. But, if the exact details of this exemption were ever documented, this documentation has not turned up in recent months.
    • In late 2003, the then-SEM introduced higher armour standards for lights across the Society, effectively bringing them into line with the minimum requirements for full-contact armour. However, the changes were not applied in Lochac. It appears at present that there is no evidence that the then-EM of Lochac was formally consulted about the changes before they went into effect, which raises a question as to their validity under the SCA-SCAA affiliation agreement.
    • Earlier this year (2006), the current SEM, Duke Hrothgar, commenced discussions among Kingdom EMs concerning his desire to abolish non-contact combatants from the Society rules. Lochac's then-EM knew of this discussion, but believed that the protection of our unique form of combat applied to this area as well, and thus thought Lochac's lights would not be affected.
    • Soon after Sir Gregory became Lochac Earl Marshal, the non-contact proposal became the SEM's firm policy. Sir Gregory contacted the SEM concerning our exemption, and it was only at that point that a clear difference was discovered between Lochac's and the Society's view of the scope of the exemption. The discrepancy over armour changes also became apparent.
    • Sir Gregory consulted with a number of key officers in Lochac and opened discussions with the SEM. When these did not bear early fruit, he decided the best course was to personally discuss the matter in detail with the SEM at Pennsic. As a result, he was able to obtain formal acknowledgement that Lochac had permanent protection from changes to our wooden arrows, mesh and blunts. He was also able to obtain a two year delay on the other changes -- both the historic armour changes and the abolition of non-contact combatants. But at the time, the SEM did not agree to exemptions for Lochac in either area beyond the two-year grace period.
    • On returning from Pennsic, Sir Gregory made the first of the announcements you can find on the Marshallate website and began exploring the "plume proposal" as a way of minimising the changes required to our on-field killing conventions after August 2008, when "lights" will no longer exist as a distinct category of combatant.
    • In mid-September, the Fiat Lux campaign was launched as an expression of deep concern in Lochac and elsewhere at the announced changes and the process by which they were shaped. It rapidly gathered over 400 signatories and 250 comments from gentles around the world, and resulted in at least sixty personal comments being sent to the SCA Inc. Board of Directors and/or the SEM.
    • On October 16, 2006, Sir Gregory announced an agreement with the SEM which applies only to Lochac. The agreement provided for "plume rules" which appear to substantially maintain current Lochac practice, including banner bearers. Draft rules were published for comment on December 2, 2006. However, the previously-mentioned increase in armour standards will still be required as of August 1, 2008.
    • Some members of the Marshallate and armour-making community are actively looking for optimal solutions to the required armour upgrades.
    • Serious questions remain and are being pursued with SCA Inc. both by individuals and by the two national SCA-affiliated groups within Lochac concerning the process involved in the formulation and introduction of the original rule changes.

    Who is behind Fiat Lux?

    Fiat Lux was conceived by Bartholomew Baskin and strongly supported by the assembled Baronages of the Kingdom of Lochac. But particular thanks are due to:

    • Bethan of Brockwood, whose passionate concern tipped the balance
    • katherine kerr of the Hermitage, who came up with the name (yep, we know the Latin isn't pluralised)
    • Hrothgar aet Gytingbroce for his stalwart enthusiasm for the cause
    • Yolande Kesteven, fount of much inspiration and information
    • Inigo Missaglia who suggested we support photos and also a rotating comment box
    • Madeliene de Bourgogne and Catalina Orosol who each suggested important improvements for visitors who are less familiar with the issue
    • Gwennie, the Shambles list-boss, who suggested a button for people to push if they have sent their message(s)
    • ...and anyone who has signed up, left a comment or suggestion, or helped spread the word!

    [Fiat Lux Declaration]   [Signatories]   [What you can do]   [Comments and Stories]   [Frequently Asked Questions]

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