About us

Professional Affiliations
We were founder members of:
  • NZ Software Exporters Association
  • Internet Service Providers Association
  • Web Designers of New Zealand
  • Canterbury Software Cluster
All aimed at supporting professional, high quality business practice and collaborative relationships.

We bring a number of important business philosophies to our work, including:

Here's the quick run-down on the company:

Established:1989 (as South Pacific Information Services (SPIS) Ltd)
Primary focus:Custom software development (specialty: Delphi)
Electronic publishing
Major Clients/Users:IBM (US) and its Gold clients: Kodak, Xerox, Amex etc
Knight Ridder/New York Times (US)
MIR (Japan) and its clients: Vodafone, Merrill Lynch etc
Fulton Hogan (NZ)
Foodstuffs (SI) Ltd (NZ)

We have been recognised with a number of awards for our services and products, but we believe it is our highly skilled, well educated, cheerful staff are really what makes the difference to our clients.

Here is a small sample of the feedback we've had: "rapid friendly response", "impressed by the personal nature of the contact", "friendly instantaneous help", "efficient, experienced and very understanding of our needs".

When necessary, Webcentre draws on a range of regular, reliable sub-contractors in specialist fields, many of whom have worked alongside the company for the past decade. In addition, the company has strong ties with leading Web automation and content management developers internationally. This gives us access to a broad range of capabilities and support to complete jobs reliably and provide on-going services year after year.

If you'd like to see examples of the sorts of services we have provided to others, check out our portfolio section.

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