Media Services

For the past 20 years, Webcentre has offered a broad range of media services, with a strong focus on the scitech and business sectors.

Science and technology news and features

NZSM - New Zealand Science MonthlyFor ten years, Webcentre published the New Zealand Science Monthly, the country's only general interest science and technology news magazine, doing everything from sourcing and writing stories through to production and distribution nationwide to subscribers and magazine outlets. Although the NZSM ceased publication in 2000, the magazine's full archives are maintained online by Webcentre to act as an information resource.

Webcentre has also provided commissioned news and feature material for a broad range of publications and organisations nationally and internationally including:

Editorial and publishing services

Webcentre has provided editorial and publishing services to many organisations over the past two decades, including:

Special media initiatives

Future Visions LogoWebcentre gained national attention for the art and beauty for science with its biannual Future Visions Science Photography Competition. The associated exhibition toured throughout New Zealand, being showcased in museums, community centres, technology parks, and gaining sponsorship from Bayer, Agfa, Manaaki Whenua Press, NIWA and the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, among others.

Webcentre worked with media and technology-oriented sponsors as organiser of the annual School Science Journalism Competition, encouraging secondary students throughout New Zealand to give science writing a go.

Media support services

As well as developing Websites, Webcentre also provides management services, from editorial support to marketing advice, for online media.

Windpower Monthly, the world's leading wind energy magazine based in Denmark, has used Webcentre's editorial services for 23 years, and chose our company to manage its online development and day-to-day operations.

Webcentre has provided advice and assistance for the multi-media, Caltech-based Closer to Truth science discourse initiative, now affiliated with PBS.

Marketing Media

Webcentre has provided marketing material for a broad range of companies, with its innovative approach catching the eye everywhere, from the back of a Canterbury bus to the staff of NASA. Print services include:

For more information on our print-based marketing services, see our Print portfolio.

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