3D Building Walk-Throughs

Welcome to this quick demonstration of our virtual reality, 3D walk-through capabilities.

Unlike most offerings, which restrict you to a 180-360° view from just the one spot, our approach allows you to walk anywhere you want throughout the building. This gives you a very accurate feel for what a place is like, regardless of whether it has been built yet or not.

Our walk-throughs make smart use of leading technology to reduce loading and operating times.

VRML TourVideo Tour

Take a look through the house at your leisure. With this VRML Tour, you go where you want in real time.

You will need a VRML plugin for your browser. We recommend BS Contact VRML for best results. This guide can help you.

View the VRML Tour here.

The Video Tour is a video AVI file of highlights from the full tour to be viewed in your Window Media Player.

Please note the AVI file is 11Mb.

Download the Video Tour here.
(Right click and choose "Save target as...")

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