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If you have a need for smart software, particularly in the Delphi environment, we can provide it. We create software that works, whether customised solutions for our technologically sophisticated clients, useful components for other developers, or top-rating applications released to a keen international market.

Top-rating applicationsDelphi Components
The best on-screen sticky memo note in the world, in freeware and shareware versions.

A Web site monitor which can check any number of sites or pages and automatically report problems and even attempt to fix them!

A Web site auto-update utility based on TCompLHA, which also acts as a handy backup utility.

TCompress 11.4
Native components for the creation of multi-file compressed archives and self-extracting EXEs as well as database, file and in-memory compression using streams.

TCompLHA 11.x
Native compression components for the creation and management of multi-file compressed archives compatible with LHArc, LHA, WinZip. Includes encryption, wild cards, disk-spanning and self-extracting archive support

TWebCompress 2.0
A full-source freeware component for managing the Web site side of automated site updating operations such as those performed by WebQueue.

"...we were quite frankly amazed with not only the speed, but the compression ratios achieved... To say the least, for ease of use, speed, reliability, functionality, and robustness of implementation, these components are simply outstanding!"
Extract from the TCompress and TCompLHA review by The Think Tank.

"Classy stuff! Well-designed, intuitive. I was able to use it without a glance at any help or instructions."
Lou Garner

"Once again, thanks for your prompt assistance. Your company's level of support is way above what I have come to expect from the industry!"
Tim at UFO Systems, Australia

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