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Site Management Component for Delphi/C++Builder/Kylix and WebHub


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TWebCompress V2.0 released. Here's what's new:

Download v2.0 from right here.


TWebCompress is a full-source Webaction component designed for the WebHub Web site application development framework for Delphi.

Using TWebCompress, you can automate the deploying of uploaded archives of changes to one or more Web sites managed by your Web application. It can also be used to "gather" (compress) one or more files into an archive, ready for FTP downloading.

During these processes, event hooks are provided for suspend/refresh requirements — such as closing tables or other files which might be updated or gathered by TWebCompress.

In effect, TWebCompress (and it's optional offline companion, WebQueue) provides a simple but efficient and controlled way of maintaining remote Web sites — whether you do it yourself, or set it up for your Web site hosting clients to use.

TWebCompress comes with a fully-developed user interface in the form of a WebDeploy sample application (and a WebHub "drop in" panel as well), and also full source code and extensive documentation of its major features and properties.

TWebCompress itself may be freely downloaded for your own testing requirements. However, operational use requires a registered version of our TCompLHA component (a shareware version of TCompLHA can be used for development and testing).

Key Features

Download a copy now — and be sure to check out WebQueue as well!


The full source and documentation of TWebCompress (and its WebDeploy sample application and WCPANEL drop-in WebHub panel) are provided in the download files. You are free to use and adapt this provided:

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Here are the download links.

TWebCompress (40K) Component source, drop-in panel and documentation
TCompLHA (440K) Shareware version of our LHA-compatible compression componentrequired
WebQueue (530K) Offline site management utilityhighly recommended

While you're waiting for the download(s), why not leave your email address so we can notify you of any significant improvements to the product? By the way, have you checked out Webwatch — our Web site status monitor?


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