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What is WebHub?

WebHub is a state-of-the-art Web site automation product from HREF Tools Corporation. Compared to other automation products for Windows 95 and NT, WebHub has some very significant advantages:

WebHub is most suitable for applications which go beyond displaying some static pages and a few fields from a database. Tools which come with most of today's servers will usually go that far. WebHub excels where features like electronic commerce, custom searching, security, browser independence, sessions, dynamic pages, data entry and two-way communication (e.g. faxmail) are required. And it is ideal for getting the most value and performance from an Intranet.

A wide range of public Web sites worldwide have been built with WebHub, including our own TurboPress site automation software for publishers.

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Why Automated Sites?

High-impact Web sites fall into two categories:

As time goes on, more and more effort is going into preparing material for web pages. Excellent new tools such as Microsoft Frontpage or Borland Intrabuilder have been developed to help this process along.

However, when your business information is already present in existing databases or documents, the ideal solution is to present this information with appropriate security and filtering while eliminating manual intervention or conversion steps. This process is another form of site automation.

Our WebHub-related Services

There are several ways we can help you get up to speed with WebHub:

Some of the successful WebHub sites we've developed or consulted on include:

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