Automation: efficient, robust

There's a lot more to being on the Web than simply having a couple of pages online. If you're serious about the Web business, you'll want the security of knowing you have a working business model underpinned by technically competent services to support and grow your business.

We can help you make efficient use of your information through smart database use, effective personalisation, clever automation and a whole host of other techniques and technologies. We provide a range of automation services, based on what you need to make your Website successful.

Standard Automation Services: email and site updates

Any Website hosted on our servers has free access to a number of useful automation features such as email handling, form sending and automated support for site updating. We can provide this as part of our design and development services, work with your current Web development people, or provide on-going support as part of a service contract.

Just let us know what you're after.

From-Site Email Services

Websites often need to send email for one reason or another — either forwarding visitor information to the site owner, or sending special messages, such as requested files, to visitors. Our server's standard email functions cover all these needs, with encryption as a bonus feature for sending confidential email.

All the above services include full template-based layout of the email messages, which means that form information can be included within the message in a nice, readable fashion.

WebQueue Site Management Utility

Our custom site management tool has the following special features to make updating your site easier:

If you want to read more about WebQueue, see our software pages.

Enhanced Site Automation Services

The following services are available on our server, but require some special setup and page creation. Please contact us for information about these features:

Custom Site Automation Services

Please inquire if you'd like our assistance in any of the following areas:

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