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What's New?

July 1 1998: WebQueue V2.01 released. This fixes a problem whereby the status bar wasn't being updated to reflect what was happening. If you thought WebQueue was doing its own thing without telling you enough about what was going on, this update is for you!

May 16 1998: WebQueue V2.0 released. Here's what's new:

Download v2.0 from right here.


WebQueue is a Web site management utility for remote site maintenance. It is designed to create and transfer LHA-compatible archives to and from your remote sites via FTP. The standard WebDeploy application, also provided, handles the Web site end of the same process.

This makes it a handy tool for keeping your site up to date with changes made locally, fetching log or other files from the site, and even automatically creating and fetching a backup of your entire site's contents.

Although it has special functions which allow it to work closely with our TWebCompress Component for Borland Delphi, it can be used for general purpose archive creation and transfer operations as well, and even for one-step backups of local files and directories.

Key Features

Download a copy now — and, if you are a Web developer yourself, be sure to check out TWebCompress as well!


The downloaded version of WebQueue is fully functional except that it will queue no more than ten files at a time for compressing and/or uploading to the site.

To register your copy, use the handy form in the Registration section of the help file.

On registering, you will receive:

Registration can be done via credit card, and costs $NZ99 (approx. $US55) per copy, with discounts for multiple copies.

Registered users of our TCompLHA Compression Component can register for a special discounted price of $NZ79 (approx. $US50).

Download WebQueue Today!

Webqueue (530K) Offline site management utility — program and help file
TWebCompress (40K) TWebCompress component — only get this if you are a Web developer wishing to use TWebCompress to automate the site side of your operations
TCompLHA Shareware version of our LHA-compatible compression componentrequired if you want to use TWebCompress, not required for WebQueue or WebDeploy

While you're waiting for the download(s), why not leave your email address so we can notify you of any significant improvements to the product? By the way, have you checked out Webwatch — our Web site status monitor?


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