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An offline Web Page Browser for Windows, Win95/98/ME, WinNT

Last Updated: December 2000

Webview V4.0 was released in October 1998. See below for new features.


What is Webview?

Webview is an offline web page browser. That means you can use it any time you like, on any computer you like without having a connection to the Internet!

Here are four excellent reasons to use Webview:

  1. It's small — just on 900K — so Webview plus pages can all fit on a single floppy disk!
  2. It's highly versatile — including features like text searching, scripting, in-built editor, page compression and a self-extracting compressed version.
  3. It's capable. Currently, Webview supports most of the HTML 3.2 specifications, including frames, and many of the more popular HTML 3.0 features, as well as having some useful extensions for Windows, such as being able to play Windows sound files directly, or run external programs. For a full rundown of its HTML support, see support.htm in the downloaded zip file.
  4. It's adaptable. In addition to using Webview's standard and optional features, you can have Webcentre Ltd make you personalised, custom versions of Webview for purposes such as:
    • Catalogues or presentations
    • Sample disks for web sites or for other software
    • Scripted (automated) demonstrations
    • Offline publishing using HTML
    • Surveying or remote data entry (with the web forms used to collect and save the information)

We encourage you to try Webview out by downloading a copy, looking at the sample pages that come with it and, of course, at your own favourite web pages.

Download a copy.
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What can Webview do?

Basically, you can expect Webview to display anything another web browser could do when offline, plus a few useful additions of its own. Here's a quick smorgasbord:

Tables (like this one) — including tables within tables like the form at right. Forms — like this one:

Hat Order Form

Payment Method
Special Instructions
(Sample only — the order button will only
reload the page on this site)
Font variations like colors, sizes,effects and typefaces, including fancy fonts:ρΈ(6

(what you see right now depends on your current browser)

Display of embedded images and backgrounds
Also supports client side image maps.
Special extensions such as display of Windows BMP images, playing of WAV files and directly executing Windows programs.

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Custom Extensions to Webview

Webcentre Ltd are very happy to assist you with custom versions of Webview. Customisation might include:

With any customisation options, we're happy to negotiate terms which allow you to redistribute your special version of Webview (see the registration information).

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Registration and Licensing Information

New Zealand residents: please add 12.5% GST to all prices given here

Registration entitles you to:

Single-user registration for the standard version of Webview is only $NZ20 (about $US9). We have generous quantity discounts for multiple licenses, and special prices for a "runtime only" version (no File|Open) — very useful for those considering Webview to support their own presentations and Web site demonstrations...

To place an order, download your own version, run it and fill out the form on the Webview home page which it automatically loads. This will create a file called "ORDER.TXT" on your disk. If placing a credit card order, you can print and fax that file to +64-3-384-5138 or email it to software@webcentre.co.nz. If paying by cheque, print and mail the file, with payment enclosed, to:
Webcentre Ltd, PO Box 19-760, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Pricing information:

Note: the above "Options" prices are for one copy of Webview. If you want quantity pricing for the options, pleased get in touch and specify the numbers you'll be needing.

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What's New in V4.0

Additions in earlier versions:

We've added several optional features which are great for those using Webview for training, demonstrations and offline applications. You won't find them all in any other browser!

All the above options are enabled in the evaluation version so you can try them out. In addition, we've made the following universal improvements (some were introduced in earlier versions):

Download a copy.
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Downloading Webview

You have three zip file download options from which to choose. To start your download, just click the one which appeals to you:

Once you've downloaded the file you chose, unzip it into a directory of your choice, and use either Program Manager's File|Run (Windows 3.x) or Start|Run (Win95/WinNT) to launch the Webview.exe program — it will display a page similar to this one with many example links on it.


While you're waiting for the download, why not leave your email address so we can notify you of any significant improvements to the product? We won't bother you with minor amendments, but we'd be happy to advise you when a major upgrade occurs.


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