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Here are some of the dedicated Webcentre staff:

And other people so talented, so worthy and so willing to be called upon that they rate a mention here too:


Totem Animal
Star Sign
My mum
99% of NZ television
Christchurch drivers
Fondest wish
My very own Rutan (it's an aeroplane... but not just any aeroplane)

Qualifications & Experience:

In 1980s I spent six inscrutable years in Japan working for a great little computer company which later got swallowed by a giant (Toshiba). Some of my time was spent refereeing a development team consisting of stroppy Kiwis, Irish, Nihonjin, Koreans and one token American. When I wasn't doing that, I was jet-setting all over the world, learning interesting things about the insides of hotels, airports, offices and restaurants.

On our way back to New Zealand, Vicki and I spent a few fantastic months re-visiting these places, and discovered that they had museums, architecture, scenery and people! Then we came home and settled in Christchurch, which is a great place to live (even after the major quakes of 2010-2011).

And started this business...

What I do with my time:

When at work, I manage the rest of our team and devote my remaining seconds to designing and developing software, generally high-performance client/server database applications and produtivity software. This is typically done in Delphi and runs on Windows. I'm also developing new product lines and capabilities as time allows.

Otherwise, I fly remotely piloted aircraft to take stunning aerial videos,, go kayaking as often as possible, and travel every chance I get. And I'm dying to get back to Antarctica! I also dress up in impressive clothes to pose as a 12th-Century scoundrel. That is, when we're not up on the roof playing petanque.

I write stories too, at least one of which was described as "amusing" (Alex Heatley), "Splendid stuff" (New Scientist, Feb 20, 1999) and "You cannot be serious!" (Dave Jones). It even got published in Phlogiston.

I've also been known to act, but I won't bore you with the reviews...

Email Peter (be gentle).


Totem Animal
Ferret, or maybe a Dragon, or a White Boar, no, a...
Star Sign
Dark summer night skies
Good science writing
Getting up before 8am
Upstart Tudors
Being misquoted
Fondest wish
To find a real knight patron for my mediæval archery company

Qualifications & Experience:

After abandoning Auckland to start a Canterbury science degree in astrophysics, I wandered through a startlingly diverse range of departments in search of a major, and ended up with the perfect academic background for a science journalist — I know a little about everything, but not a great deal about anything in particular.

I spent my sojourn in Japan working for a science and technology database and, later, as a science and front-page editor for one of the four main English daily newspapers, The Daily Yomiuri..

I'm a self-confessed science groupie, which explains 10 years of work on the New Zealand Science Monthly and another ten as founder-editor of SciTechDaily Review. But the bulk of my time these days is spent in project management for Webcentre, advising clients, and writing projects of one kind or another.

What I like to do with my time:

Actually, work stuff can be a lot of fun and very satisfying. I really enjoy the strategic planning side of things where we can help people think beyond the next six months. It does mean a little too much time slaving over a hot computer though...

Other things I do include being Chair-entity for the New Zealand Skeptics for 17 years, then its media spokes-person. This involves (among other things) early morning calls from radio stations every Friday 13th. *sigh*

If I'm lucky, I get to put on my 16-gauge steel helm and camail, my breastplate, my padded gambeson, my knee and elbow pads, my groin protection, my puncture-proof trousers and my boots, and go out and shoot arrows at Peter (see SCA).

If I'm really lucky, I hit him.

Email Vicki — she doesn't bite. Honest.


Totem Animal
Star Sign
Coffee, Chocolate, movies
Fondest wish
More hours in the day

Qualifications & Experience:

I picked up a degree in Psychology at the University of Canterbury while working there, and moved on to many years at Tower Financial Advisory Services, fewer at Mountfort Park Accommodation Limited, and was very happy to move to Webcentre Ltd many years ago.

What I do with my time:

When I have several spare moments in a row I read, embroider, knit, sew, make lace and teach all of the above.

Email Elizabeth.


Totem Animal
Star Sign
Sleep, Toys, Ouzo
Idiots, Illiteracy, Legumes
Fondest wish
Arbitrarily great wealth

Qualifications & Experience:

After a decade or so as a university student and part-time tutor, I sort of drifted bit by bit into a job with this place. Not as much fun, but the money's a bit better and I still don't have to have a haircut or wear shoes.

What I do with my time:

Aside from slaving at work, I sleep, read, argue, listen to music, procrastinate, play games... you know, sort of like everyone else really. Some day I may get around to updating this page and doing a comprehensive sloth page.

Alexandru Matei

Totem Animal
Star Sign
The sunlight in my wife's eyes
Spending time with my family
Climbing mountains,
Playing GO
Watching Italian Series A soccer
Getting up late in the morning
Fondest wish
To see TurboNote on every computer screen in the world and to have a beer with Pete Sampras

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Graduated from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in 1993 with B.Sc. in electrical, software and computer engineering. I've spent 5 years of my youth attending courses taught by talented, respected and funny (a few of them) professors. When I speak about education and lifestyle, that was the best time of my life. I say 'Hi' to my former colleagues, the best of which are living now in cities like Toronto, New York, Orlando Florida, Amsterdam or Tampere(Finland).
  • Practically involved in computer based communication software. Always fascinated, but theoretically only, by computer graphics and the broad mathematical field of geometry (plane, space , the algebraic representations and equations)
  • In May of 1998, I've found myself drafted into the role of International Software Development Agent Extraordinaire for Webcentre Ltd. I thank Peter for being, at that time, busy enough with other business matters. I was therefore ready to take my lifetime career challenge: help TurboNote+ become real and successful.

    Now I discover myself busier than ever: as the father of my two children: Cristian, my 8 years old son and Diana, my 19 months old daughter.

    I live in Sibiu, which is an historic town in central Romania (keywords like: Transylvania, Dracula, Fagaras Mountains - spend five spare minutes and relax by visiting this page http://www.mountainguide.ro/en/trekking.htm - tuica, sarmale, brânza telemea may say something to you).

    And don't forget to use and pass TurboNote+ to your friends. My best reward is to see everybody enjoying it!

    Many thanks to Emil Fickel (software developer in Germany), to Paul DiLascia (editor for Microsoft Systems Journal) for replying to my emails during 1998 and to Bartosz Milewski for writing the pragmatic and useful Win32 programming tutorial http://www.relisoft.com

    Web solutions . Smart software . Quality graphics